Friday, 15 February 2013

Brand New: 'On This Day' birthday prints

NEW: 'On This Day' personalised birthday prints
It's been a little while since my last post - but don't worry, I haven't been spending my time frivolously  I've been busy coming up with some new goodies for the website!

And one of the brand new items you can now find are the 'On This Day' range of prints - lovely artwork to display that gives a fascinating glimpse of the world on the day you were born... A great gift idea for Mother's Day this year - mums and grannies would love this!

Each print is carefully and individually researched using various sources and gives a wonderful memento to celebrate a special birthday or the arrival of a new baby. Available in a range of colours, you can order any date from 1900 onwards so these are great for any milestone birthday (eg, 18th or 21st, or perhaps one of the 'big' birthdays?!). Because each print is researched and prepared individually, the information can vary slightly - but as a guide this is what yours could include:

  • Details of your birth: where, when, etc - as well as intriguing information such as how your horoscope may affect your personality, and the ideal future career for your birth date!
  • The meaning of your name
  • Culture and Media: what were the top inventions that year - or the top books, films, tv, toys and more?
  • News: events that took place on the day you were born
  • World Leaders: who were the mean players in high office!
  • Born on this day: which celebrities and notable people do you share your birthday with?
  • Sport: who were the winners in the year you were born?
  • Cost of living: how much did key items cost on the day you arrived, and what was the average wage?

Click here to view the range of prints and for further details.

Hope you like them!
Sarah :)

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