Tuesday 29 November 2011

PhotoFairytales is an Award Winning Site!

And now for a bit of blatant showing off (sorry!).... This is a snippet of an email that has just arrived in my inbox:

"I am happy to inform you that your website was scored by three professionals within the online industry, and based on the criteria provided to them by Mumpreneur UK your website was scored as a Gold Award Winning Website!"

Mumpreneur UK is a support network for mums in business, offering advice, support, conferences and resources to parents in business. They say:

"Having worked our way through hundreds of websites during The Mumpreneur Award judging, it became very clear that there are so many mumpreneurs out there with fabulous websites! We want to ensure that these sites are rewarded, and that their customers can see that their high standard is being recognised. We're looking to acknowledge mumpreneurs who have realised the importance of getting your business online, and doing it well!"

The criteria used to judge a website are:
  • The website should be visually pleasing
  • The website should be easy to navigate
  • Ecommerce sites should include a simple payment process
  • The website should be clear and easy to understand
  • The website should include ample information about the products/services provided
How chuffed am I?!! So now, when you meet me you'll understand why I'm going around humming a certain Spandau Ballet song...

Gold! Always believe in your soul, you've got the power to know you're indestructible, always believe in.... Because you are GOLD! Dum de dee dum de doo....

Sarah x

Monday 28 November 2011

Brand New: Hand Painted Personalised Plates!

Brand new today! These gorgeous plates are hand painted individually to order, and can be fully personalised with your chosen name, dates or message...

From Mince Pie plates and Baby's 1st Christmas plates, to weddings, anniversaries, christenings and special birthdays - there are 12 designs to choose from to suit many different occasions.

Now available at PhotoFairytales, these stunning 23cm plates are created individually to order by a family run UK business, and are truly unique keepsake gifts. Only £21.50 which includes UK delivery. Orders for delivery in time for Christmas need to be placed by 13th December.

These plates are absolutely adorable, and I hope you'll like them too!

Sarah x

Wednesday 2 November 2011

They're here... Letters from Santa now on sale!!

I'm so pleased to let you know that the personalised Letters from Santa have just gone on sale - as ever, they're fantastic value at only £5.95 including delivery, and they include 4 great gifts and a hand signed certificate too!

This is the third year that I've sold these letters, and for the last two years they completely sold out so I have high hopes for them this year too - especially as I'm going to donate 50p for each letter sold to Action for Children, a UK charity that works with children and families to tackle issues such as neglect and abuse.

Each letter is created individually (they're not just generated by a computer programme like most letters you see), and they are also hand signed in ink by Santa himself! He prints all his letters on lovely parchment style paper, and pops everything into a jolly big red envelope (along with a few sparkly sprinkles from his workshop) - he even handwrites the address on the envelope for you too. They make a fantastic surprise for any little girl or boy in the lead up to Christmas. All the letters are posted in December so that they arrive close to the big day, and the gifts inside will certainly keep little ones busy!

If you ordered a letter last year, don't worry because Santa always varies his letters from year to year. And if you have siblings and need more than one letter, each one will be slightly different (because it would be odd if Santa wrote identical letters to both children, wouldn't it?!). The letters are packed with detail, and no child will be left in doubt about whether Father Christmas truly exists after reading one!

Reserve your letter now before they sell out - you can find out more by just clicking here.

Ho, ho, ho!
Sarah x

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