Tuesday 30 June 2009

And the winner is.....

So, the winner of my July "Tip of the Month" is Gayle at the brilliant http://www.giftelope.com. She entered a great tip about birthday money for children (take a look: http://photofairytales.co.uk/tipsjar.aspx) and won a £5 gift voucher. So if you would like me to be announcing you as the next winner, head on over to my site and see how easy it is to enter!

Sarah x

Thursday 18 June 2009

The Harmonica that broke the Camels' back...

Firstly, please excuse my grumpy face, but you see it's like this:

OK, so, is it just me or.... DO I SEEM TO BE THE ONLY ONE IN THIS HOUSE THAT PICKS THINGS UP AND PUTS THEM AWAY?! Hhmm? Well? Don't bother to answer, I think I know...

So, this morning I'm doing the usual breakneck routine of trying to get the house sorted before work starts (washing machine, dishwasher, beds made, blah blah), get Amy dressed, fed, teethed & toileted, school-bagged up and walked to school on time - when I suddenly realise that I'm the only one that seems to have this much stress in the morning. Now, that doesn't seem quite right does it? Being (I think anyway) a typical woman I let the annoyance build up until I finally get 2 minutes to go to the loo (tripping en-route over a single black husband-sized shoe in the middle of the hall - what the...?! - and weaving around 3 teddies on the stairs - oh for the love of...!) and there I see my OH's harmonica sitting on the shelf in the bathroom. It's been there for days... I'm looking at this thing thinking, "Why? why is it there?". And so I have to confess I then roared so loud my buttons flew off my chest! Let me tell you, I recommend it!!

Anyway, onto better news.... I have got fairies living at the bottom of my garden AND I've got a 25% discount offer running until the end of June. Now, that's much nicer to hear about isn't it? To find out more, take a look at my Summer Newsletter at http://www.photofairytales.co.uk/newsletter.aspx

Don't forget that I now have loads of new things available on my site too: personalised newspapers that look virtually indistinguishable from the real thing (honestly!), a great new range of official personalised image gifts for Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United - and not only that, but I've also extended my range of photo gifts and I now do loads of new things like aprons, t-shirts, mugs, etc, etc. Remember, I'm more than happy to take on custom orders too so if you can't see anything quite right - or if you have a definite idea about what you're looking for - just let me know and I'll be more than happy to help!

Yours serenely, Sarah
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Tuesday 9 June 2009

Gene Hunt

Well, that's about it for this blog posting: Gene Hunt. Yep, not going to say any more except: Gene Hunt. Oh, and the series has ended...Gene Hunt. But hey, they've got to bring it back again soon haven't they? Gene Hunt. What do you think? Gene Hunt......
(Don't worry, I haven't gone mad. Gene Hunt. I'll get back to posting a normal blog soon. Gene Hunt. Just give me a day or two! Gene Hunt...)

Sarah x
(Gene Hunt)

Tuesday 2 June 2009

Father's Day Gifts from £5 to less than £30 - bargain!

I've been a bit quiet in the blogging department for the last few weeks - but I haven't been sitting on the beach (I wish - well, not often anyway), I've been typing away so hard on my computer I've managed to rub off all the letters on my keyboard! Now, whilst that doesn't bother me as I know where most of them are - my husband has been left very confused: "Where's the H gone!!!"....

Anyway, the reason why I've worn dents in the buttons, is because I've been busy adding loads - and I mean LOADS - of new things to the website. There are now lots of new images I've added to the Gallery, plus of course the personalised magazine covers. Now there are also personalised newspapers (which really do look and feel like a genuine paper - you would struggle to tell the difference!), plus some fantastic official FC personalised framed prints available for Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United.

So, if you're looking for some ideas for Father's Day (June 21st) look no further - I think PhotoFairytales has pretty much got it covered! There is a link on the home page which takes you through to a whole load of ideas for Gifts for Men, and prices start at only £5 too.

TIP OF THE MONTH WINNER: I'm so pleased to announce that this month's winner is Tasha with a great money-saving tip. Take a look:

Tasha has won a £5 gift voucher - if you would like to take part, the competition is ongoing so get your ideas coming in. Full details can be found by following the link above. Plus, this month, everyone that entered but didn't win also received a 10% discount voucher. So go on, give it a go!

Enjoy the sun, Sarah x

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