Friday 18 December 2015

Closed for Christmas

PhotoFairytales will be closed for Christmas from 3pm (on the dot!) this afternoon, and will re-open on January 7th 2015.

I would like to thank each and every one of you for your custom, support, and all round loveliness - I can't tell you how appreciated your patronage has been!

I wish you all a FANTASTIC Christmas, and FABULOUS New Year, and I look forward to working on something for you in 2016.

Have a great one everybody,
Sarah :) x

Saturday 12 December 2015

Christmas order deadlines: don't panic!!

Still hunting that elusive gift for Auntie Joyce or baby Keith? Whilst some last order dates have already passed, there's still plenty of choice available at PhotoFairytales which will be created especially for you and dispatched in time for Christmas delivery.

You can view all the last order deadlines over on the site here. Please note that orders must be placed (and all personalisation, photos, wording, etc, provided) by 5pm on the dates quoted.

PhotoFairytales will be closed from 3pm (sharp!) on the 18th until January 7th.

Sarah x

Friday 11 December 2015

All hail: the Sock!

I admit I'm amongst the first people to declare socks as being one of the more boring Christmas presents, but today I'm feeling a little bit fond of that foot-hugging, toe-snuggling, under-rated little bit of clothing...

You see, today I am wearing BRAND NEW SOCKS! And there are few things in life as pleasing, in a small and subtle way, as a brand new sock. Come on, you know I'm right!

When you're used to pulling on socks that have seen better days, maybe a little holey, perhaps a bit lacking in the elastic department, that moment when you treat your feet to a brand new and unsullied pair of socks is a moment to treasure. There they are, perfectly paired, pristine and smooth flat in the packaging... perhaps they're nestled amongst a pack of 5 and they're all different colours. But you indulge yourself and pick the one from the middle because they're the ones that you secretly coveted the moment you saw them hanging in the shop. The other colours are fine, sure, but those ones - they're the very reason you bought the pack after all! You slip them onto your feet and admire the lack of holes and smoothness... bliss!

My new socks are indeed from the middle of the pack - and they're a gorgeous royal blue which goes rather fetchingly with my vintage blue jeans. Pleasing. Very, very pleasing....

So, whilst I admit, giving/getting socks for Christmas may not be the pinnacle of excitement they are a slow burner - the kind of gift that you pick up on December 27th perhaps, and think "ooh, new socks, I think I'll wear these today..", and then you have a little inner smile to yourself...

Sarah x

Thursday 10 December 2015

Santa Letter Packs: selling fast!

There are just a few Santa Letter Packs left now, so if you know a little boy or girl (or a big, grown up boy or girl!) who would love Santa to write to them too, head over to reserve one now...

Have some extra magic - and a great big smile - delivered this Christmas, for just £6.50 including delivery. Plus, every letter sold raises money for The Children's Society; a UK charity fighting child poverty and neglect. So it's a win-win!!

Every letter is written individually, letters to siblings are always different to one another, and if Santa has written to you before the letter will be different to previous ones too. Each one is packed so full of detail they will know for certain that Santa is real - and he handsigns each and every letter too.

With a personalised quality certificate, and 4 fantastic gifts too, these Santa letter packs are AMAZING value. You won't find any others with so much attention and quality at such a great price.

Order quickly, before they all go - click here for details or to book your letter.

Sarah x

Crummy Christmas, Naff Noel...

Why is it that at this time of year so many of us (and I include myself in this, don't worry), seem to have our taste gene removed? Why do we find ourselves considering the purchase of something that has 'novelty' written on the label? Or think things are funny which at any other time of the year we'd curl our lip at?

Well, don't look at me, I don't have the answer. But what I do have is my round up of some items that have made me stop in my tracks this season. (Don't worry, I haven't bought any of them):

* Creepy Horse Head Ornament - Not On The High Street
* Elf Table Leg Covers (coordinating chair covers also available, should you want them...) - Avon
* Christmas Cutlery Cosies - Ebay
* Fart Extinguisher - Amazon
* 3 Piece Christmas Toilet Accessory Set - Amazon
* Novelty Christmas Tie - Ebay
* Christmas Toilet Paper - Ebay
* Reindeer Poop Soap (chocolate scented - of course) - Etsy
* Reindeer Poop & Santa Farts Candles (every home needs candles at Christmas) - Etsy
* 3D Christmas jumper (Santa's bottom actually inflates. Truly...) - Sports Direct

Interestingly, some of these culprits have been spotted at some of those supposedly hip and cool online emporiums (I'm looking at you, Not on the High Street and Etsy). So there, if you're still strapped for ideas you know where to go. Or not.
Now, the question is, if you had to choose just one of these, which would you choose? Come on, you have to choose one, and leave a comment to confess tell me...
Sarah ;) x

Tuesday 8 December 2015

Oh well, it is Christmas!

When was the last time you had a jar of piccalilli in the house? The only time we have this radioactive yellow, blow-the-top-of-your-head-off stuff is at Christmas. And the only time it gets eaten is in January (when it’s under threat of being thrown away if it’s not flaming well eaten!).

Likewise, apart from at Christmas time, when was the last time you drank mulled wine? Or ate mincemeat? Or marzipan? Or thought to yourself, “I know what I need, a bowl of rock hard nuts on the coffee table that will explode into splinters/sprain my wrist when I try to open them…”? I have heard some people can’t even get through the season without buying a bottle of Advocat (I’ve seen the gap on the shelf in Tesco and I reckon they don’t often have a rush on it other than in December).

And it’s not just our buying habits that get a bit odd at this time of year - when was the last time you went to a friends house in the morning and they offered you a “little drink” at 10 o’clock in the morning? And yet, on any day in December that starts with a “2” or a “3” its perfectly acceptable!

All year round we tell our children about stranger danger - and then in December we take them to the nearest department store or garden centre and actively encourage them to sit on the knee of an unknown man wearing a fake beard. At what other time of the year do we encourage our children to put pen to paper and write down everything that their hearts desire (along with the Argos page number)?

At what other time of the year would you ever consider buying Aunty Jean a novelty door stop? Or eat chocolate for breakfast? Or jam cloves into an orange?

Oh well, it is Christmas… so raise a glass to guilty pleasures, because I reckon all these foibles tell us one thing alone: that we may act all grown up from January to November, but given half a chance deep down we’re all still 9 (but now we’re old enough to go to the shop and buy Baileys!).

Sarah x

Sunday 6 December 2015

Christmas Gift Guide: Top 10 Personalised Gifts for Girls

At PhotoFairytales you’ll find a whole shop packed with all the unique, unusual, quirky, bit-different, handmade, personalised, whimsical, gorgeous Christmas presents you’re searching for! Everything is made in Britain, everything has free UK delivery, and there’s gifts for every occasion, person, and time of year. Be a gift giving genius!

Today I'm showing you some lovely Christmas presents for girls that I think you'll love...

2: 'Doll's House' Personalised Board Book, range of designs available, from £13.95
4: 'Preppy' Personalised Name Print, range of designs and colours available, £14.50
9: 'Fairy' Personalised Handpainted Gift Plate, range of designs and colours available, £21.50
10: Personalised Newspaper Print, range of styles available, from 312.50

I hope you've seen something you like - and if you're still searching for that elusive perfect gift, why not take a look back through the last few posts on this blog for some great gift ideas for all ages and types.

Merry Christmas Shopping!
Sarah x

Saturday 5 December 2015

Christmas Gift Guide: Top 10 Personalised Gifts for Boys

Ever needed to buy a gift for someone, only to draw a complete blank? No idea what to get, but you know you want it to be a bit different? Have you found yourself going back to the same boring old big name shops, looking at all the same boring old stuff everyone else looks at?

Well solve the problem, forget the high street, and take a look at the PhotoFairytales website instead!

Here's some great little gift ideas for boys this Christmas - and everything comes with free UK delivery too:

1: 'Safari' Personalised Board Book, ranges of designs available, from £13.95
2: 'Dog' Handpainted Personalised Gift Plate, range of designs available, £21.50
4: 'When I Grow Up...' Personalised Canvas Print, range of colours and designs available, from £16.95
5: Personalised Official FC Mug, range of teams available, £9.95
9: 'Slugs & Snails' Personalised Name Print, range of designs available, £14.50
10: Personalised Newspaper Print, range of styles available, from £12.50

It's the girls' turn tomorrow, so check back same time tomorrow night for some gorgeous-girly gift ideas!
Sarah x

Friday 4 December 2015

Christmas Gift Guide: Top 10 Personalised Gifts for Couples

I've got some fabulous gift ideas for you today aimed at couples - old or young, newly wed or old flames! All items come with free UK delivery too, so you don't have to worry about postage costs - the price you see is the price you pay.

1: 'Love My Home' Personalised Print, available in a choice of colours, £14.50
2: 'Vintage' Handmade Personalised Photo Album, £25
3: Handmade Wooden Photo Block, £21.95
4: 'Personality' Canvas Print, from £25
5: Ministry of Silly Personalised Print, range of designs and colours available, £14.50
6: 'Bear' Personalised Embroidery Hoop Print, £18.50
7: 'Birds of a Feather' Personalised Canvas Print, from £16.95
8: 'Kissing' Personalised Vintage Print, range of designs available, £14.50
9: Personalised Blue Heritage Plaque, £17.95
10: Personalised Newspaper Print, wide range of styles available, from £12.50

Check back same time tomorrow as I have some gorgeous gift ideas for boys to show you. Forget the high street, be a gift giving genius this Christmas!

Sarah x

Thursday 3 December 2015

Christmas Gift Guide: Top 10 Personalised Gifts for Families

Sometimes it's easier to buy a gift for an entire family rather than trying to come up with individual ideas for each family member - cheaper too! Here are some fab ideas that will be a really unique gift this Christmas:

1: Personalised 'Tree' Family Print, choice of colours and styles available, £14.50
2: Personalised 'New Home' print, choice of colours available, from £14.50
3: Metal Family Street Sign, from £17.50
4: Home Sweet Home handpainted Wooden Shelf Blocks, choice of colours available, £21.95
5: 'Blessing' Personalised Embroidery Hoop Print, £18.50
6: Handmade Wooden Photo Block, £21.95
7: Personalised Family Tree Print, £16.95
8: 'Home Sweet Home' Personalised Canvas Print, from £16.95
9: 'Family Home' Personalised Canvas Print, from £16.95
10: 'Timeline' Personalised Print, range of colours available, from £16.50

All prices shown include free delivery in the UK too, so no nasty postage surprises!

Be a gift-giving genius this Christmas,
Sarah x

Wednesday 2 December 2015

Christmas Gift Guide: Top 10 Personalised Romantic Love Gifts

Have a cosy, smoochy, romantic Christmas this year with these lovely gift ideas...

1: 'Love' Personalised Wooden Photo Blocks, any wording available, wide range of colours, £6.25 per block
2: 'Ticket to Love' Personalised Print, range of designs available, £14.50
3: 'Waves in the Sea' Personalised Print, range of other designs also available, £14.50
4: 'Kissing' Personalised Vintage Print, range of designs available, £14.50
5: Personalised Love Poem Print, range of other designs available, £14.50
6: Personalised 'Vintage' Handmade Keepsake Album, range of designs available, £25
7: 'Foxes' Personalised Embroidery Hoop print, more designs available, £18.50
8: 'Love Story' Personalised Canvas Print, from £16.95
9: Personalised Blue Heritage Plaque, £17.95
10: Personalised 'Timeline' Print, range of colours, from £16.50

Don't forget, delivery is free at PhotoFairytales, so you can order as much or as little as you like or as often as you like and you won't have any nasty P&P charges to worry about!

More great gift ideas same time tomorrow,
Sarah x

Tuesday 1 December 2015

Christmas Gift Guide: Top 10 Personalised Gifts for Grandparents

It's December 1st - hope you remembered your advent calendar this morning?!

Tonight I want to give you my top 10 gift ideas for those really tricky grandparents - granny and grandad who don't really 'need' anything, have been around and seen everything so are hard to surprise, and who are consequently the hardest of all to buy for! Here are some great ideas that will solve that problem for you - and you can find even more over on the PhotoFairytales website too:

1: Grandparent Print, available in a choice of colours, £14.50
2: Personalised Handmade Photo Album or Boasting Book, wide choice of designs available, £25
3: 'Big Bird, Little Bird' Personalised Canvas Print, from £16.95
4: Personalised Family Tree print, £16.95
5: 'Blessing' Personalised Embroidery Hoop Print, wide range of designs available, £18.50
6: 'Nan' Personalised Handmade Wooden Photo Blocks, other words also available, £25.95
7: 'Giant Vegetable Growing Championship' Personalised Vintage Print, choice of designs available, £14.50
8: Personalised Wooden Family Tree Plaque, range of colours available, from £19.95
9: Personalised Blue Heritage Plaque, £17.95
10: 'My Message to You' Personalised Print, range of designs and colours available, £14.50

All prices quoted include free UK delivery too, so no postage charges to worry about!

Come back again same time tomorrow for some great romantic gift ideas...
Sarah x

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