Friday 18 December 2009

A Christmas Wish to Everyone!

Before I take a break for Christmas, I just wanted to say a big thank you to all of you for your custom, support and feedback. It's been an amazing year which has seen PhotoFairytales grow and develop, and I'm really looking forward to 2010.

I'll be back again on January 4th, but before my holidays start I would like to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and New Year - have a great one!

Very best wishes
Sarah x

Friday 27 November 2009

Special Offers at PhotoFairytales

Just a quickie - have you ever visited the Special Offers page on my website? Always worth a peek if you fancy a discount or two!!

Best wishes, Sarah

Twitter Discounts & Offers from PhotoFairytales

I regularly post exclusive discounts, special offers and even freebies through Twitter. If you are on Twitter too, do please follow me for the latest offers. My username is "photofairytales" or you can simply click here to go straight through to my page.

Best wishes, Sarah

Thursday 5 November 2009

Personalised Santa Letter: Amazing Value!!

I've just added a new range of personalised letters from Santa Claus to the website - these are fantastic value, I'd love you to take a look...

Costing only £3.99 including delivery, they include a lovely letter (created to order, not computer generated) printed on parchment style paper and hand signed by Santa himself. Plus your child will also receive a Certificate with their name on it, also hand signed, a sheet of fun Christmas stickers and a great craft gift to decorate and hang on the tree - all delivered in a jolly big red envelope! For more details please click here.

Best wishes, Sarah x

Tuesday 13 October 2009

The Curse of the Multi-tasker!

Picture the scene: I'm having a relaxing bath trying to unwind my back and chill a bit... I've got my feet raised up on the taps as I've just finished painting my nails (multi-tasking) and I'm reading a great book about how to dominate the world of Google (multi-multi-tasking) - oh, and I have a note pad beside the bath for when I have a genius idea or something I need to remember to do later (that'll be multi-multi-multi-tasking then). Add into the mix the fact that Amy has now bustled in and wants to brush her teeth and I'm telling her not to forget "the ones at the back" and suddenly I don't feel as if I'm all that relaxed really. In fact, I feel like it's now starting to feel damn inconvenient that I'm lying in water and I need to get out and start DOING THINGS...

So, that is my curse: I can't stop mult-tasking. For example, while I'm typing this I keep stopping to check my emails and I'm on Twitter. I've made my computer crash twice this morning because while it was loading something I wanted to use the time it took for me to wait by trying to open two other programmes. I think my computer is a man - he can't multi-task at all!! I shall name him "Keith"...

Is multi-tasking a bad thing? Does it stop me from being able to knuckle down and get things done? Or does it actually mean that I'm squeezing every available minute out of my day, and keeping the massive work/home ball rolling along?

I think it does help me to be more efficient (most of the time), but I don't think it does much for my sanity sometimes. I think I need to write "Daydream more..." on my To Do List.

So, if you find yourself brushing your teeth with one hand and cleaning the sink with the other, whilst mentally planning your day and keeping an eye on the clock - join the club, you are very, very welcome! (Mind you, wasn't it one of the Marks Brothers who said "I don't want to belong to any club that would have me as a member"?!)
And my toes look lovely by the way: I've gone for a dark blue this time...

Sarah x

Friday 25 September 2009

Sticks & Snails, and Puppy Dog Tails!

So, the latest news on Freddy (aka "The Fang") is that basically nothing in this world is safe - everything, pretty much, is fair game when it comes to the Freddy Taste Test...

We have discovered that this is a puppy that will eat anything. From Polly Pocket to apples off the tree, from Doggy Twiglets (otherwise known as sticks) to stones - he'll give them all a go. His particular favourite are the special stones he finds in the garden - the ones which are crunchy on the outside, but have a soft and squirty centre. Worked it out yet? OK, his dad was a poodle which I guess makes him half French(ish), so it shouldn't be that much of a surprise that he eats snails really. Yeurgh, but it makes us all shudder - especially when you find discarded ones in the middle of the living room... (Are your toes curling yet?)

He has also discovered the joy of the word "Walkies"! Just mention it to him and he leaps about in excitement. Put his lead on, however, and he immediately lays down on his back with all four legs in the air. It's official - we seem to have one of those dogs that people in the street laugh at - not in an unkind way, you understand, just in a "oh look, that dog is barking at his own reflection in that shop window" kind of way!

But he's loveable, soppy, daft, loyal, soft and fluffy - and I can't remember what it was like not to have him around (OK, if I'm honest I can - it was in the days when my carpets stayed clean all by themselves and the dog food aisle in Tesco was just a shortcut to the tills). And in the words of Emily & Bagpuss: we love him.

Sarah x

Wednesday 23 September 2009

Where on earth do I start...!!!!

Wow, it's been AN AGE since I was last here - just look at those cobwebs! I'm now left with the dilemma that I simply have too much to tell you about - seriously, I have SO MUCH to tell you. I'm going to have to ration myself to one or two a day or this could end up being the longest post in blogging history!

Mother & Baby Mega Giveaway! So, first up, let me tell you about this fantastic giveaway being offered by Monica at My Funny Bunny. This is an awesome freebie, you need to read this! The Giveaway contains over 20 great gifts from contributors such as KnitWits, The Pink Fairy Cake, Rainbow Totz, Peggy's Knits, Baby Not Included, Be-Fabulous, Julie's Booties, Lactivist, Icklebabe - oh, and of course, PhotoFairytales! Find out more by visiting Monica's blog.

Loads of New Stuff at PhotoFairytales! The reason why I've not been here for so long (apart from the summer holidays, of course) is because I've been working like a mad thing getting tons of new things onto the website. There are loads of new designs, including some great ones for Autumn & Halloween, plus an entire page devoted to Christmas. I also now have some lovely Gift Vouchers available, and I now sell really high quality personalised greeting cards so you can turn your finished image into a unique card - take a look! I've also started selling some truly amazing and crazy gift balloons in a box - you've got to see them! Oh, and if you're interested in selling any of my products on your own website, take a look at the brand new Trade Page too. I can supply you on an easy dropship basis, and offer you a trade price.

So, sadly, no I haven't been sunning myself and relaxing. I've actually rubbed just about all the remaining letters clean off my keyboard now - the only ones left are the "z" and the numbers! Still, on the upside, it means at 6 years old Amy can now all but touch type (and as an added bonus I have the fun of watching my husband's look of utter confusion when he borrows my computer - well, he's got his own, so hand's off!).
Love to all,
Sarah x

Wednesday 22 July 2009

Mum? Mum? Muu-ummm, I'm bored.....

OK, so, the summer holidays have only just begun and if you - like me - work from home you may be finding things a little (ahem) stressful...

As I type this, I have Amy sitting beside me constructing a castle. Love her, she is trying not to disturb me, but if I have to find the end of the sellotape or "hold this a minute" one more time I may start getting a little frantic!

So, how am I going to cope for 6 and a half more weeks? How are you going to cope? How can a child with a house full of "stuff", a puppy and a garden be bored already? Is being bored actually a good thing for a child once in a while? (Personally, yes I think it is! Without it Amy wouldn't have come up with the idea of making a castle out of cardboard boxes...)

Well, I'm planning on trying to get into a routine of: morning is work, afternoon is Amy time, evening is catch up time. Other than that I'm not really sure how to do this. It's so easy to feel guilty - shouldn't I be taking her out on day trips and picnics? Getting down on the floor and building cushion dens? Making the most of the weather (today is glorious)? I don't know... I guess the most important thing I can do this holiday is not to get stressed out by stuff.

If you have any ideas or tips you can share - or maybe you need to off load a little stress yourself - it would be great to hear from you so do please leave a comment! Right, it's now nearly 11am (so much for my morning of work idea!) and I really need to get on - oh, the castle turret won't stay on, hang on....

Sarah x

Tuesday 21 July 2009

I've had an interview!

I've been lucky enough to get a great feature article by Joycellyn at take a look, it's at: I just wish I'd remembered to brush my hair for the photo! Oh well...

Apart from that, I'm having a stressful day today - lovely Freddy (otherwise known as "Fang") has managed to chew through the cable from my external disk drive, meaning I can't get to over half my files today. A lesson learned I guess, yet more things to tidy away when I leave him alone in the room! Apart from that, in the last week he's learnt his name, how to sit, how to fetch, and (almost) how to lay down. Now, if I can just teach him to "drop it" we'll be laughing....

Have a great day, Sarah x

Monday 13 July 2009

Meet Freddy!!!

We've got a new addition to our family: Freddy the Puppy! We picked him up yesterday and he's settled in brilliantly already.

He's 11 weeks old, and a cross between a Cumberland Spaniel and a Poodle - so I guess that makes him a Spoodle - or a Cupoodle - or a Pooniel.... anyway, whatever he is, he's very cute. He is so laid back and soppy, and he loves having his tummy rubbed! He has never been on a lead before, so walking to school this morning with Amy was an interesting experience... We practised a couple of times yesterday, but every time we put his lead on he would lay down and roll over! But this morning he was up and raring to go and we got to school in double quick time - just as well as we got mobbed by Amy's friends all wanting a stroke.

He has finally conked out now and is laying (snoring) at my feet - giving Bella the cat plenty of opportunity to walk past him as closely as she can and stick her tongue out!

I'm sure I will be posting more news of Freddy in the future - something tells me he is going to be a bit of a character....

Sarah x

Tuesday 30 June 2009

And the winner is.....

So, the winner of my July "Tip of the Month" is Gayle at the brilliant She entered a great tip about birthday money for children (take a look: and won a £5 gift voucher. So if you would like me to be announcing you as the next winner, head on over to my site and see how easy it is to enter!

Sarah x

Thursday 18 June 2009

The Harmonica that broke the Camels' back...

Firstly, please excuse my grumpy face, but you see it's like this:

OK, so, is it just me or.... DO I SEEM TO BE THE ONLY ONE IN THIS HOUSE THAT PICKS THINGS UP AND PUTS THEM AWAY?! Hhmm? Well? Don't bother to answer, I think I know...

So, this morning I'm doing the usual breakneck routine of trying to get the house sorted before work starts (washing machine, dishwasher, beds made, blah blah), get Amy dressed, fed, teethed & toileted, school-bagged up and walked to school on time - when I suddenly realise that I'm the only one that seems to have this much stress in the morning. Now, that doesn't seem quite right does it? Being (I think anyway) a typical woman I let the annoyance build up until I finally get 2 minutes to go to the loo (tripping en-route over a single black husband-sized shoe in the middle of the hall - what the...?! - and weaving around 3 teddies on the stairs - oh for the love of...!) and there I see my OH's harmonica sitting on the shelf in the bathroom. It's been there for days... I'm looking at this thing thinking, "Why? why is it there?". And so I have to confess I then roared so loud my buttons flew off my chest! Let me tell you, I recommend it!!

Anyway, onto better news.... I have got fairies living at the bottom of my garden AND I've got a 25% discount offer running until the end of June. Now, that's much nicer to hear about isn't it? To find out more, take a look at my Summer Newsletter at

Don't forget that I now have loads of new things available on my site too: personalised newspapers that look virtually indistinguishable from the real thing (honestly!), a great new range of official personalised image gifts for Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United - and not only that, but I've also extended my range of photo gifts and I now do loads of new things like aprons, t-shirts, mugs, etc, etc. Remember, I'm more than happy to take on custom orders too so if you can't see anything quite right - or if you have a definite idea about what you're looking for - just let me know and I'll be more than happy to help!

Yours serenely, Sarah
(PS: do you Twitter? Follow me at

Tuesday 9 June 2009

Gene Hunt

Well, that's about it for this blog posting: Gene Hunt. Yep, not going to say any more except: Gene Hunt. Oh, and the series has ended...Gene Hunt. But hey, they've got to bring it back again soon haven't they? Gene Hunt. What do you think? Gene Hunt......
(Don't worry, I haven't gone mad. Gene Hunt. I'll get back to posting a normal blog soon. Gene Hunt. Just give me a day or two! Gene Hunt...)

Sarah x
(Gene Hunt)

Tuesday 2 June 2009

Father's Day Gifts from £5 to less than £30 - bargain!

I've been a bit quiet in the blogging department for the last few weeks - but I haven't been sitting on the beach (I wish - well, not often anyway), I've been typing away so hard on my computer I've managed to rub off all the letters on my keyboard! Now, whilst that doesn't bother me as I know where most of them are - my husband has been left very confused: "Where's the H gone!!!"....

Anyway, the reason why I've worn dents in the buttons, is because I've been busy adding loads - and I mean LOADS - of new things to the website. There are now lots of new images I've added to the Gallery, plus of course the personalised magazine covers. Now there are also personalised newspapers (which really do look and feel like a genuine paper - you would struggle to tell the difference!), plus some fantastic official FC personalised framed prints available for Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United.

So, if you're looking for some ideas for Father's Day (June 21st) look no further - I think PhotoFairytales has pretty much got it covered! There is a link on the home page which takes you through to a whole load of ideas for Gifts for Men, and prices start at only £5 too.

TIP OF THE MONTH WINNER: I'm so pleased to announce that this month's winner is Tasha with a great money-saving tip. Take a look:

Tasha has won a £5 gift voucher - if you would like to take part, the competition is ongoing so get your ideas coming in. Full details can be found by following the link above. Plus, this month, everyone that entered but didn't win also received a 10% discount voucher. So go on, give it a go!

Enjoy the sun, Sarah x

Thursday 23 April 2009

Freebies, £5 Vouchers and Chocolate

So, the Easter holidays are over - they seemed to just fly by! We had great fun setting up an Easter Egg Hunt for Amy, with her tearing around the house and garden tracking down clues (oh, and a few moments while she mistakenly tried to find her way into next door's car because she misread one of the clues! - "No, the clue said look for a 'blue' car, not a 'black' car - yes, I know that one is closer but trust me - it doesn't have any eggs inside... oh, OK, there goes the alarm - quick leg it!").

And once again, NO EASTER EGG FOR ME.... I actually asked my husband why I haven't had an Easter Egg for the last 3 years: his reply? "Do you know, I don't know?" Yes, I do indeed know: BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T GO TO THE SHOP TO BUY WE ONE!!! I made him share his Toblerone one though...

The deadline has now passed for entries into May's "Tip of the Month" - the lucky winner will receive a £5 gift voucher. The competition is on-going though, so you can enter any time: get your ideas coming in now for June. I've had some really interesting ideas, so it's going to be a tough call, but the winning entry will be posted on the website by May 1st.

Have you (or a friend/member of the family) been to wedding in the last couple of years or so? I'm working on a new range of wedding images, and looking for anyone who would like a free image created from one of their wedding photos in return for allowing me to use the finished image on the website and in publicity material. If you think you may be interested - or know someone else who might be - just visit the website ( and use the "Contact Me" form to ask for more details. I need photos of brides, grooms and bridesmaids. Pass the word around - it's completely free and worth at least £10!

I've just started selling some of my images via the MISI website: I can be found at

Oh, and I have a new logo - what do you think?!

Take care, enjoy the sunshine
Sarah x

Thursday 2 April 2009

Earn a £5 gift voucher AND have some publicity..!

I've been getting some great tips entered for next months' Tip of the Month: keep your ideas coming! I'm going to give a £5 gift voucher to the winning entry too - you've nothing to lose, so send in your idea now! Just click here for details: Tip of the Month

Amy came home last night with the most fabulous self portrait, and I just have to share it with you... the child is practically a genius, lol !

Last day today before the school breaks up for Easter, so I'm frantically trying to catch up on bits today. And where has the sun gone? Are we going to get a decent bit of sun over the holidays I wonder? Hope so - today's foggy damp + walk to school = mad curly hair! (I know, I know, I should embrace the curls, but they just aren't the right kind of curls - if that makes any sense?!).

Right, off for a quick Twitter then back to the grindstone...

Take care
Sarah x

Tuesday 31 March 2009

Send me your Tips and get featured!

I just wanted to share a photo of my lovely Amy, who has not only just been transformed with a new hairstyle, but has also lost her two front teeth - coupled with her nose freckles I think she looks gorgeous! (I know, I know, I'm biased... but she is, so there!)

I've just added a brand new page to my site: Tip of the Month

The idea is that I want people to send in their tips and ideas, and every month I will choose the best one and add it to the site. Take a look now for more details and see if you can come up with a tip for May!

Have a good day
Sarah x

Monday 30 March 2009

Follow me on Twitter...

If you are on Twitter (or fancy joining in), you can follow me at:

Sarah x

Two Great Causes - please lend your support!

Two of my friends are entering this year's Race for Life in aid of Cancer Research - please take a look at their pages:

Natalie Hickey who runs Precious Parcels has her official page here:

And, Clare Carter's official fundraising page is here:

Well done, lovelies and good luck!
Sarah x

Friday 27 March 2009

Half Price Goodies!

I have updated the Newsletter page on my site, and I'm running a half price offer until the end of April - check it out:

Another gorgeous day - only slightly clouded by the fact that I left the house in such a strop this morning that poor Amy's feet barely touched the ground on the way into school! All I'm saying is "DVLA" and I'm leaving it at that.....!

I have also started twittering - so follow me, follow me, down to hollow:

Right, back to the workhouse!

Take care, Sarah x

Thursday 26 March 2009


OK, so it's taken me a bit of a while to get myself sorted with the whole "blogging" thing! I have a large notepad that I keep beside me so that every time I think of something I need to do I can jot it down - and "DO A BLOG!" has been featuring on pretty much every page for the last 2 months!

I've spent the last couple of weeks revamping my website and making it look (hopefully) a whole lot clearer and better laid out. Over the last 3 or 4 months it had got a bit, well, shall we say scrappy? As I kept adding bits, it kept getting more and more messy. When I introduced my range of fake magazine covers and started loading them onto the site, I decided I needed to set aside some time to sort it all out properly. It's pretty much there now, so no more growling and snarling at the computer for me (for a while anyway...)!

So - now I've got blogging ticked off on my To Do List, all I need to do now is put "WRITE IN YOUR BLOG" on the list...!

Sarah x

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