Wednesday 1 April 2020

NEW 'Post For You' Service on all Personalised Cards

I know lots of you are stuck at home isolating at the moment, which means even something basic like posting a card to friends or family becomes an issue. So, I've introduced a brand new service add-on to my range of personalised cards - a 'post for you' option.

This means I will hand write the envelope for you and post the card to your loved one 1st class - you don't have to even venture as far as the postbox!

New Post For You Service available on all personalised greeting cards!

I'm hoping this will prove useful now while everyone is struggling with Covid, but also at any time (because queuing up in the post office just to buy a stamp is no one's idea of fun!).

I've also just added loads of new personalised card designs to the site, so there are lots of lovely cards to choose from for all sorts of occasions. Every card can be personalised on the front, and can also feature a personal message on the inside too. The cards are a lovely size, professionally printed, and dispatched quickly within just one working day.

Create your perfect personalised greeting card today - and if you need me to, I'll even post it to the recipient for you too!

Stay home, stay safe - shop online.

Sarah :)

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