Friday 26 August 2011

More new designs...!

I'm on a design roll at the moment, so there are yet another two new designs that have just been added to the "Meaning of Name" print collection!

Both are available in options for boy or girls, and come with a choice of frame finishes.

At just £17.50 including UK P&P, these are a perfect christening gift or present for new parents. They will look lovely in the new nursery!

Hope you like them -would love to hear what you think, so do feel free to leave a comment.

Sarah x

Thursday 25 August 2011

Gorgeous Things...

A little while ago I joined, and listed a selection of my own work on the site. The idea of course was to sell some of my own items, but in the meantime I've also been rather tempted by several other goodies for sale by other designers and creators! If you haven't discovered the site yet, do take a look.

Here are a few of my favourites (it's an eclectic bunch, but that's what Folksy is all about!):

1. Moustache Necklace, Tara's Arts, £6 - mad, utterly mad, love it!
2. Handstitched Leather Satchel, Bespoke Leather, £140 - yum, yum, yum...
3. Floral Storage Basket, A Crafty Hen, £9.50 - pretty and useful
4. Hand Bound Notebook Journal, Kate Bowles, £20 - love the exposed spine on this very pretty book
5. Vintage Bee & Glass Bead Bracelet, Josephines, £15 - this is sooo me!
6. Vintage Button Beauty Bag, Natalie Farrell, £15 - I was hard pressed to choose just one of these bags!

If you want to visit the PhotoFairytales shop you can find it by clicking here.

So, when you start your Christmas shopping don't forget to take a look at Folksy for something both hand made and different that has been created with love.

Sarah x

Wednesday 24 August 2011

Brand New: 2 new "Meaning of Name" designs!

What's this? Blogging twice in one day? Well, I just wanted to squeeze in an extra post before I finish up for the evening because I've just added two new designs to my "Meaning of Name" framed print range.

"Sugar and Spice" in pink for the girls, "Slugs and Snails" in blue for the boys - both available in a choice of frame finishes and only £17.50 including UK delivery. I've got more designs in the pipeline which will be coming in the next few days too (the creative juices were flowing today!).

Hope you like them - you can see the whole range here:

Sarah x

Exclusive discounts for Facebook fans!

If you haven't already discovered the PhotoFairytales page on Facebook, then head over there now and "like" the page quick! I'll be running exclusive discounts and special offers for all my fans on there over the coming weeks, and there's one on there right now (but be quick, it only lasts until midnight this Friday!).

Currently on offer is a fantastic 15% discount on all personalised canvas prints - that means that you could order an 8x8" canvas for just £12.75 including UK postage. What a bargain!

For details just go to and "like" the page - then you'll see details of this special offer posted on the wall.

Sarah x

Friday 12 August 2011

The Art of Buying a great Wedding Gift

Well, wedding season is well and truly here. Which means one thing for the rest of us - gift buying! And that can be sooo hard sometimes. Most couples have either spent time living together before tying the knot, or have already established a home before even getting together. The traditional, practical sort of gifts are often simply not needed. The days of buying a toaster or a set of towels are pretty much over.

Unless the couple have a pre-prepared gift list, this can leave you with something of a nightmare buying situation! What to buy the couple who has everything? Wouldn’t it be great to find a gift that has a personal meaning behind it for the couple? Well, one way to do this is with a personalised gift which is special to the wedding couple. There seems to be a lot to choose from, but when you get right down to it, do you really think the couple would want a silver cake slice or a glass wine decanter with their names on it? Don’t leave taste behind when you go shopping! And it can be even harder if you don’t know the couple particularly well, or have a budget to work to.

The average spend on wedding gifts in the UK in the past year is just under a whopping £50 (that’s gone down by the way, a couple of years ago it was just under £80!). And when you factor in the cost of attending the actual wedding the costs can rocket. Considerations such at travel, childcare, clothing, spending money during the reception (and possibly the hen or stag night before hand!) all mount up. You don’t want to appear stingy, but in the current recession, cash-strapped guests can struggle to find a gift that fits within their budget.

So I’ll let you into a little trick if you’re heading to a wedding this summer: think of a gift that is something totally different and harder to put a price on. Perhaps you could offer your services to the couple as a wedding gift: decorate a room in their house while they are on honeymoon, organise a coming-home party when they arrive back, offer to help with their plans for the garden during the coming summer? Time to put your thinking cap on and think outside the box. Give yourself plenty of time too - rushing out to the high street to buy a gift at the last minute is a sure way of spending more than you wanted to.

Of course, you could always head over to PhotoFairytales too - you’ll find some amazing and totally unique wedding gifts there that won’t break the bank! All with free UK delivery (I’ll even post it direct to the couple if you like) and nothing over £30 - and it will be a gift the wedding couple will hopefully treasure throughout their lives together. (Plus, you don’t have to think about whether they would prefer the blue towels or the green. What colour was their bathroom again…??)

Sarah x

Tuesday 9 August 2011

I really need your help!

With the new website now finished, I feel as if PhotoFairytales has been given a new lease of life - a bit like coming out of the changing room realising you're a size smaller than you thought!

As all my regular customers know, feedback is a wonderful thing. With every single order I receive, I always strive to offer not only a great product but also great service. I know that shopping online can be a daunting prospect: you can't pick up and touch the product, you have natural concerns about the company you're buying from, etc. That's why I think it's so important to look after my customers and make them feel happy about shopping with me. And that's why I wanted to relaunch the website to give you all a much nicer environment in which to shop too! I might not be able to offer you a glass of wine or a cup of coffee while you're "walking" around my shop, but I can make sure it looks clean, attractive, presentable and is easy to walk around. If you see what I mean!

And this is where I need you're help..! I'm really excited to let you know that PhotoFairytales is part of the Website of the Year Award 2011. But I really need your support, because I'm up against the big guys! If you can spare a moment to help me it would be fantastic if you can just click here and just leave a sentence about why you think the PhotoFairytales site should win. It will take you just one minute, and will mean the world to me.

Thank you for your continued support... (and I do mean that, whether you vote or note!)
Sarah x

Tuesday 2 August 2011

For a gift less ordinary...

Did you know that you can now purchase many PhotoFairytales items at Gift Wrapped & Gorgeous?

If you haven’t discovered this site yet, it’s a great online gift shop packed full of unique gifts designed and created by British designer-makers and artisans. You can browse by gift category, and also view each supplier’s own shop and check out the range of items they have on offer. Many of the supplier’s offer free postage and packing too (including PhotoFairytales of course!), and many items are also exclusive to the site and can’t be found anywhere else.

You can sign up to the newsletter too, and receive updates with new products and special offers direct to your inbox.

Here are some of my personal favourites:

  1. Wooden Heart Napkin Holder, £8.50 (Beth & Ellie Interiors)
  2. Two pint 'Chicken' jug, £21.99 (Dawn Critchley Designs)
  3. Personalised house cushion, £36 (Linterior Design)
  4. Stamped Silver Word Ring - Laugh, £42 (Dream of Silver)
  5. Personalised Wedding word tag favours, £6 for four (Emma Learoyd Textiles)

You can find the PhotoFairytales shop front by clicking here. I hope you enjoy having a browse and discovering something new!

Sarah x

Monday 1 August 2011

All new at PhotoFairytales...

So, have you been over to take a look at the new PhotoFairytales website yet? What do you mean "no"!! I'd love you to head over and have a good poke around - the site has had a total makeover and I think it looks a lot fresher. You should find it easier to navigate and faster to load too - which is no bad thing, considering the quantity of images on there!

And the site has become even bigger too - with lots of new things to see. The biggest seller has always been my Fantasy Portraits, and I've added a whole new gallery for you: the Fairytale Collection. Inspired by classic fairy stories and traditional tales, I've no doubt that this will prove popular - especially for children. I'll be adding to the collection over the coming months, so do please check back and see what's new.

In addition to the new Portrait designs, there are lots of other new things to see - just click here to take a look at all the new additions.

I really hope you like the new designs and products, and would love to hear your thoughts on the website too so do please leave your comments...

Sarah x

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