Tuesday 10 September 2019

Downton Abbey - what to buy Lord & Lady Grantham...

Picture the scene: you've been invited to Downton Abbey for the weekend. Your luggage is packed, your outfits have been chosen, your hat and gloves are ready at the door, and the chauffeur is waiting beside the car. But wait! You simply can't arrive empty handed; you need to bring your hosts a thoughtful gift. The problem is, what on earth do you give to someone who is an Earl with an ancestry pile the size of Downton?!

Well, just in case that occasion should ever arise, I've put together a fabulous gift guide that I'm pretty sure will solve your dilemma - I've even included some gifts for the servants, because it doesn't do any harm to give them a token of your appreciation too.

Downton Abbey Inspired Gift Guide

  1. Lady Mary - she may be a little, erm, imposing but she should (hopefully) see the funny side of this personalised canvas print (especially in light of the royal visit Downton is expecting...): 'Queen' Personalised Canvas, from £18.95
  2. Tom Branson - the doting father of little Sybil will be charmed by this elegant print for his little daughter: 'Heritage' Personalised Name Meaning Print, range of colours, £15.95
  3. Cora Crawley, Countess of Grantham - family is important to Lady Grantham, so she will be absolutely delighted with her own Family Tree print: Personalised Family Tree Print, range of colours, from £18.95
  4. Mr & Mrs Bates - being a hardworking Valet and Lady's Maid doesn't leave much time for romance, but this touching print will celebrate their relationship: Personalised Timeline Print, range of colours, from £18.95
  5. Mrs Patmore, Cook - the busy cook for Downton will always appreciate another mixing bowl for her kitchen, and especially this one which is personalised just for her!: Personalised Ceramic Mixing Bowl, choice of designs, £27.95
  6. Daisy, Kitchen Maid - this is a practical gift that Daisy can put up in the kitchen and use every day: Personalised Cook's Conversion Chart, range of colours, from £15.95
  7. Carson, Butler - this upright and rather stern figure will see the amusing side of this custom made wooden sign and will enjoy propping it up on his mantelpiece: 'Complete and Utter Poppycock' Bespoke Wooden Sign, range of colours, £14.95 - exclusively available in the PhotoFairytales Folksy shop
  8. Lady Violet, Dowager Countess of Grantham - an even more formidable character than Lady Mary, you will win her over when you present her with her very own blue plaque in recognition of her status: Personalised Blue Heritage Plaque, £17.95
  9. Robert Crawley, 7th Earl of Grantham - and last but not least, Lord Grantham... well, what else would you buy someone who loves his faithful Labrador other than a wonderful print that can be displayed in the library: 'Dog' Word Theme Print, created to order in any colour, £22.95

So, you are now fully prepared for your stay at Downton Abbey. Just watch out for Barrow, I'm not sure he's completely trustworthy you know...

Respectfully yours,

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