Tuesday 13 October 2009

The Curse of the Multi-tasker!

Picture the scene: I'm having a relaxing bath trying to unwind my back and chill a bit... I've got my feet raised up on the taps as I've just finished painting my nails (multi-tasking) and I'm reading a great book about how to dominate the world of Google (multi-multi-tasking) - oh, and I have a note pad beside the bath for when I have a genius idea or something I need to remember to do later (that'll be multi-multi-multi-tasking then). Add into the mix the fact that Amy has now bustled in and wants to brush her teeth and I'm telling her not to forget "the ones at the back" and suddenly I don't feel as if I'm all that relaxed really. In fact, I feel like it's now starting to feel damn inconvenient that I'm lying in water and I need to get out and start DOING THINGS...

So, that is my curse: I can't stop mult-tasking. For example, while I'm typing this I keep stopping to check my emails and I'm on Twitter. I've made my computer crash twice this morning because while it was loading something I wanted to use the time it took for me to wait by trying to open two other programmes. I think my computer is a man - he can't multi-task at all!! I shall name him "Keith"...

Is multi-tasking a bad thing? Does it stop me from being able to knuckle down and get things done? Or does it actually mean that I'm squeezing every available minute out of my day, and keeping the massive work/home ball rolling along?

I think it does help me to be more efficient (most of the time), but I don't think it does much for my sanity sometimes. I think I need to write "Daydream more..." on my To Do List.

So, if you find yourself brushing your teeth with one hand and cleaning the sink with the other, whilst mentally planning your day and keeping an eye on the clock - join the club, you are very, very welcome! (Mind you, wasn't it one of the Marks Brothers who said "I don't want to belong to any club that would have me as a member"?!)
And my toes look lovely by the way: I've gone for a dark blue this time...

Sarah x

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