Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Lady Boss with a fearless attitude (and a FREE print!)

I took a quiz yesterday to determine what kind of business-owner I am… just for fun, and mostly because it reminded me of those quizzes I used to do in teen magazines back in the day (mostly full of questions to determine whether you’d be a good match for a certain celebrity: remember doing those?!).

And the result? Well, apparently I came out as ‘fearless’!

I have an authentic, fearless personality which puts customers first when it comes to creating an awesome product that they will love (yes, I like to think that’s right). Sometimes I get frustrated with aspects of control over my business (yea-uhuh!), but I have a unique skill for powering through imperfections and I am incredibly persistent (yup). I have the opportunity to continue growing and using my wisdom to take my business to the next level.

So, although the quiz was just a bit of fluff and fun, it has left me feeling a bit empowered to be honest. I run my business myself, from home, and sometimes to be perfectly honest it can be hard to maintain a feeling of positivity. I adore what I do, and I have truly AMAZING customers - buy hey, we all have ’off’ days and I’m no stranger to the wobbly ’am I doing it right’ imposter-syndrome times. Even after nearly 10 years of doing this! So it’s actually rather lovely to be told that you’re fearless.

It may have been a bit of daftness, but I’m going to believe it (just the same as I believed the quizzes in Smash Hits magazine and Just Seventeen!).

If you're feeling a bit fearless yourself, or fancy a bit of motivation on your wall, I've got a free print you can download. Print if off, put it in a frame and put it up on your wall for a little bit of empowerment whenever you need it! Follow the links below - the print will print on A4 and will fit in any standard frame with an 8x6" opening (or a frame with a mount that has an 8x6" aperture).

Free Motivation Print in Blue - click here
Free Motivation Print in Pink - click here

(Small print: the print is completely free for your own personal use. You may not reproduce or sell the print, or pass it off as your own work. Not allowed for commercial use. Copyright belongs to

Enjoy! And now I'm going to go and get on with my fearless day and see if I can use my wisdom to get my business to the next level!!

Sarah x

Thursday, 28 February 2019

Folksy Finds: February 2019

As February draws to a close I wanted to share some of the gorgeous handcrafted makes that I've discovered on this month. This is a fantastic site if you want to find genuinely handmade and crafted items made in the UK - it's like the British answer to Etsy, and if you haven't come across it yet I urge you to take a look (and bookmark it!).

Here's a round-up of just a very few of the lovely things I've discovered. These are only a small handful though: you can see lots on my special February Folksy board over on Pinterest - just click here to view.

Top to Bottom, left to right:
  1. Pink Baby Booties, £4.50 by Bluebeezywings
  2. Floral Mother's Day Card, £2.25 by Cariad Crafts
  3. Felted Fusspot Bear Bowl, £14.50 by Ali Dufty
  4. Sterling Silver Frosted Ring, £14.00 by Max Pring
  5. 'Randolph Rabbit' Mounted print, £5.00 by The Cornish Hare
  6. Daffodil Felt Purse, £12 by Orchard Felts
  7. Silver Heart Stud Earrings, £18 by Deborah Jones Jewellery
  8. Silver Snowdrop Long Dangle Earrings, £18.50 by Caroline Frodsham Jewellery
  9. Bee Cushion with Mustard Bobbles, £15.50 by Girl of the Sixties
  10. Spring Trees Cushion, £16 by Pocketful Creations
  11. Cheese Plant Leaf Hanging Decoration, £20 by Sue Trevor
  12. Fingerless Mittens with Dragon Scale Cuffs, £12.50 by Erkinwald

Top to Bottom, left to right:
  1. Embroidered Bee Bib, £6.50 by XStitcherJoss
  2. Ammonite Specimen, £8 by NOfkants Curios
  3. Copper Small Heart Pendant, £10.95 by Jennies Gems
  4. Flower Earrings, £7.50 by Beadstorm Jewellery
  5. Hatching Egg Mini Painting, £16.50 by Konyskiw
  6. Original Art Landscape Painting, £12 by Gweddus Art
  7. Easter Bunny Bag, £15 by Cat Thomas
  8. Massey Ferguson 135 vintage tractor print, £10 by The Chris Artist
  9. Pottery Easter Egg decoration, £5 by Dottery Pottery
  10. Wire Wrapped Flower Necklace, £18.95 by Verchiel Beads & Jewellery
  11. Tree of Life Pyrography Pendant, £15.95 by Sarah Designs
  12. Handmade Ceramic Button, £3 by Willow Gifts

Visit Folksy today and have fun making your own discoveries!
Sarah :)

Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Valentine's Day Gift Guide: Top 9 gift ideas for 2019

It's just over two weeks until Valentine's Day, so it's time to start planning that special gift! Whether you're in the throws of new love, or you've been together for more years than you can remember, I've put together a collection of romantic (and some not-so!) gift ideas just for you.

  • What should you get for your first Valentine's Day together?
  • What should you buy your wife or girlfriend for Valentine?
  • What can you get for your partner that they'll actually like?
  • What can you get for your husband if he's a bit annoying and you're feeling a bit cross with him but still need to buy something..?!

I know, it's not easy is it? Sometimes it needs something more than a bunch of roses, you may not want to jeopardise their diet with chocolates, or maybe you just feel like you've done it all before?

Don't worry, take a look at my round up of the best Valentine's Day gift ideas for him or her - and don't forget, everything you see comes with free UK delivery too!

1: 'Bowls' personalised print: in a choice of colours, £15.95
Part of a range of designs available.

2: 'Be My Valentine' personalised oak photo cube, from £21.95
Part of a range of designs, also available with Belgian Chocolate Hearts.

3: 'Ticket to Love' personalised print, £15.95
Part of a range of designs available.

4: 'British Kissing Championships' personalised print, £15.95
Part of a range of designs available.

5: Bespoke Handmade Wooden Photo Blocks, from £7.20
Available with any name or word and in a range of colours.

6: 'Love Story' personalised canvas print, from £18.50
Part of a range of canvas print designs

7: 'Summer of Love' personalised mug, £13.50
Part of a range of personalised mug designs

8: Timeline personalised print, from £18.95
Available in a range of colours

9: Rumpy Pumpy bespoke wooden sign, £14.95
A range of colours and designs available (buy from my Folksy shop)

And finally, because 9 is an odd number and I think we could do with a number 10 - and because sometimes you need to buy something for your husband/wife on Valentine's Day even though they've been crazing you a bit recently and they can be a bit grumpy... here's one more gift selection for you!:

10: Personalised Cactus Print, £15.95
(Available to buy from my Folksy shop)

If you're still looking for more Valentine gift ideas why not take a look at the full range available on the PhotoFairytales site? Just click here:

Sarah x

Monday, 28 January 2019

Brand New this month!

I've been working away on some brand new designs to add to my ever-popular 'Meaning of Name' print range - and I'm rather proud of them!

Little Hare personalised meaning of name print, nursery art from
'Little Hare' personalised meaning of name print, nursery art from
This range has been a best seller since I first introduced them in, what, 2011 was it? 2010? Whichever, it's not important - what IS important is that over the years customers have found them to be the perfect personalised gift to welcome a new baby.

Heritage personalised meaning of name print in blue, nursery art from
'Heritage' personalised meaning of name print in blue, nursery art from
They've been bought for christenings and baptisms, as a present for the new mummy and daddy, as a celebration when the newborn arrived, a special birthday gift, or just a lovely piece of personalised wall art for a nursery or child's bedroom.

Heritage personalised meaning of name print in pink, nursery art from
'Heritage' personalised meaning of name print in pink, nursery art from

Whatever the occasion really, it's just a real matter of sheer joy to me that so many of these custom name prints have found their way into homes and onto walls across the world!

Heritage personalised meaning of name print in soft sage green, nursery art from
'Heritage' personalised meaning of name print in soft sage green, nursery art from
So, I wanted to introduce some of the latest new designs I've just added to the collection - I hope you like them!

Dandelion personalised meaning of name print in pink, nursery art from
'Dandelion' personalised meaning of name print in pink, nursery art from
Dandelion personalised meaning of name print in blue, nursery art from
'Dandelion' personalised meaning of name print in blue, nursery art from

You can see the full range (and bigger images!) by clicking on any of the pictures shown, or visiting the website here: The prints are just £15.95 including free UK delivery.

Sarah x

Friday, 18 January 2019

Huge Flash Sale: this Monday - are you in?

Happy New Year! I hope you had a lovely, relaxing Christmas - although that seems like it happened ages ago now! January always seems to be such a gloomy month, don't you think?

In fact, it's been worked out that the third Monday in January is the most depressing day of the year - and this year that falls on January 21st: this Monday coming!

It has been designated as Blue Monday, based on a number of factors such as the weather, the shortness of daylight hours, post-Christmas debts and bills, the time since Christmas (and the amount of time since we've all failed with our New Year's resolutions!), and a lack of general motivation coupled with the feeling we should be doing something. Sounds like a barrel of laughs!

So, I've decided there will be no 'Blue Monday' here at PhotoFairytales this year. No, this year I'm going to put a bit of mental tinsel and glow around the date and instead I'm putting together the biggest, most discounted sale I've ever had at PhotoFairytales! A little something to warm your cockles and save you some of your hard earned cash this month!

Blue Monday Flash Sale: January 21st

This is going to be the biggest sale I've ever run - the biggest discounts on the most items: so don't miss out as there'll never be another like it!

 PhotoFairytales huge Flash Sale: January 21st 2019

This is going to be a great opportunity to stock up on an early Valentine's or Mother's Day present too - so why not take advantage of the fantastic discounts I'll be offering?

The Flash Sale will only be running for 3 hours, from 7pm-10pm - so make a date in your diary, set an alarm on your phone, or stick a post-it on your fridge door! Everyone on my mailing list will be sent full details at 6pm on Monday, an hour before the sale starts at 7pm, so you'll have time to work out what you want to order and be ready to pounce!

 PhotoFairytales Flash Sale: January 21st 2019

Don't worry, when you join the mailing list you won't be bombarded with emails - I only send out occasional newsletters, but they're a great way of finding out whenever I have any special offers happening. Your details are never shared and will never be sold to a third party, and you can unsubscribe at any time. Also, when you sign up you'll receive a fantastic offer of a free gift worth £10 when you spend over £15 - so win win!!

Head over to the PhotoFairytales site now and sign up - just click here and pop your email address in the form. If you're already on the list: great! Keep an eye out for your Flash Sale email arriving in your inbox at 6pm on Monday 21st January.

Have a great weekend everyone,
Sarah :)

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