Friday 23 July 2021

BRAND NEW: Personalised Newspapers

I'm so excited by my new range that's just landed this week - these brand new Personalised Newspaper Prints look fantastic in real life, and they are a really unique gift idea too.

Personalised Newspapers, from PhotoFairytales

This new range of designs is really special - personalised from top to bottom: not only in the main article and headlines, but the 'publication' date, the banner and the footer ads. You can even swap the photo for your own picture too!

Not only that, but if you want to slightly tweak the existing storylines - or even completely re-write it with your own wording - that can be done for you too.

The Newspapers are printed on high quality 100% recycled textured paper - in a lovely off-white shade. Because they're A3 size they'll easily fit into any standard A3 size frame too (or a larger frame with a mount that has an A3 sized opening). 

They're really smartly presented with a backing board and sealed in a clear presentation sleeve, so even if you're giving the print as a gift unframed it will still look fabulous!

I've got a range of designs available (and I'm sure there'll be more coming over the next few months too), so if you're looking for a special and original gift for friends or loved ones head over to the site now and take a look! Click here to see the full range of Personalised Newspapers

Sarah :)

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