Tuesday 29 November 2016

Wondrous and whimsical gifts for babies, toddlers and younger children: Christmas gift ideas

Christmas is a wonderful time for littlies - and shopping for presents for babies and children is a joy. Make the moment even more magical with a totally unique and handmade gift...

1: Santa Telegram, actually signed by Santa himself! (Also available in a 'Baby's 1st Christmas' edition) £6.50
2: Fantasy Photo Portraits created from your own photo, many designs available, from £15
3: Wooden Keepsake Plaque, available in pink or blue and with hearts or stars, £19.95; Personalised 'London Bus' mug, other designs available, £12.75
4: 'Winter Wonder' personalised board book other designs also available, £25
5: Personalised Memory 'Pairs' Game, featuring your own photos, £29.95
6: 'London Bus' canvas print other designs available, from £16.95
7: Personalised Santa Sack, other designs available, £14.95
8: Personalised Hand Painted Gift Plate, other designs available, £21.50

Visit the PhotoFairytales website now for even more fabulous handmade and personalised gifts for babies, toddlers and young children: there are some great gift ideas for you...

Gift's you'll love giving this Christmas at PhotoFairytales.co.uk

Sarah x

Saturday 26 November 2016

Handmade personalised gifts for Him: Christmas gift ideas

Christmas gifts for men - unusual, unique, thoughtful and fun gifts, made to order just for them

1: Blue Heritage Plaque, personalised with any wording of your choice, £17.95
2: 'Always Be Yourself' personalised superhero print, other designs available, from £14.50
3: 'Dad' personalised wooden photo blocks ('Daddy' also available), £25.95
4: 'The Rules' wall sign (exterior or interior use) personalised with your message, available in a range of colours, other designs also available, £17.95 
5: 'Garden' personalised mug, other designs available, £12.75
6: 'Dandiest Beard Wearer of the Year' personalised Vintage print, other designs available, £14.50

This Christmas be a #giftgivinggenius!

Sarah x

Thursday 24 November 2016

Handmade personalised gifts for Grandparents: Christmas gift ideas

Grandparents are probably one of the trickiest to buy for at Christmas - but don't panic, I've got you covered!

1: 'Shipping Forecast' Word Theme print available in any colour, other designs available, £21.50 
2: Wooden Photo Blocks handmade featuring your photos, from £6.25 per block (min order 3) 
3: 'Everything Stops for Tea' personalised mug other designs available, £12.95
4: Personalised Hammer personalised with your message, £17.95 
5: Grandparent Print, other colours available, £14.50
6: Personalised Garden Fork & Trowel set, £17.95

This Christmas be a #giftgivinggenius!

Sarah x

Saturday 19 November 2016

Handmade personalised gifts for Her: Christmas gift ideas

personalised handmade Christmas gifts for her

Stunning handmade and personalised Christmas gifts for her - truly thoughtful and unusual gifts to delight on Christmas morning!

1: Personalised Cook's Conversion Chart available in a wide range of colours, from £14.50 
2: 'Spectacled Rabbit' design canvas print from £16.95, mug £12.95 - other designs available 
3: Personalised Family Prints available in a choice of designs and colours, £14.50
4: 'Kitchen' wall plaque available in a range of colours, other designs also available, £17.95 
5: 'Yellow Spot' design handmade photo album, other designs also available, £25
6: 'Mum is Never Wrong' personalised print available in a choice of colours, £14.50
7: 'Summer of Love' personalised mug other designs also available, £12.95
8: Blue Heritage Plaque personalised with your own wording, £17.95

Visit the PhotoFairytales website now for even more fabulous handmade and personalised gifts for her - mum, gran, auntie, sister, friend or colleague: there are some great gift ideas for you...

This Christmas be a #giftgivinggenius!

Sarah x

Friday 18 November 2016

Brand New: personalised handmade Memory Pairs Card Game for children

New and exclusive to PhotoFairytales!

The Christmas present hunting is hotting up now, and I'm really pleased to let you know about my new personalised card game which will be a perfect gift for youngsters this Christmas!

Beautifully packaged, this handmade personalised Memory Card Game is the one we've all played as children, where you have pairs of cards that you turn over to match. It's a simple game, quick and easy for even young players to pick up, but one that they can play with adults and older children too. 

What makes this pairs game unique though is that it features all your own photos, so children will adore turning over the cards and seeing pictures of themselves, family members, pictures of their pets or favourite toys - anything you wish!

The game consists of 20 cards featuring your chosen photos - and the backs of the cards are also personalised with your child's name. The cards are a lovely big size, so easy for small hands to pick up, and they're made of chunky thick board too. The cards are packaged in a lovely linen-effect white gift box which is also personalised for them. It's all tied up with white ribbon and ready to pop under the Christmas tree or in their stocking!

Not just a great present for Christmas, this personalised card game will also make a lovely gift for a birthday too.

Visit the website now for full details - and if you'd like to order in time for Christmas, the deadline for orders is December 11th!

Sarah x

Wednesday 16 November 2016

Personalised baby board books - brand new handmade range

I've been offering handmade personalised board books on the PhotoFairytales site for a while, and they have always been incredibly popular gifts. Unfortunately, the small business that created the books for me has ceased trading which left a bit of a book-shaped hole!

Not one to hang around, I decided to take action and create my very own line of personalised board books - all handmade in-house. After literally working day and night for a few weeks (and when I did sleep, dreaming about books!), I'm now able to reveal my new board books and they're now on sale on the PhotoFairytales website.

There are seven designs to choose from, and each book is fully personalised with your own photos and wording.

The books make wonderful gift ideas for babies and toddlers - ideal for a christening, birthday or Christmas present. They are also a lovely and touching gift for new parents, a truly special keepsake. The books are a lovely present to mark that first Christmas or birthday for mum and dad too, and make brilliant presents for Mother's Day or Father's Day.

Young children will adore seeing themselves in their very own personalised book, and they're a great way of snuggling up together and sharing special moments and memories.

The books are made from chunky thick board, and measure 10x10cm - perfect for little hands to hold. They have rounded corners, and a glossy finish to bring your photos to life.

Visit the site today to see full details - and remember, everything comes with free UK delivery too! Please note: if you want to order in time for Christmas, the deadline for orders is December 11th.

Sarah x

Tuesday 8 November 2016

They're here!! The 2016 personalised Santa Letters are now on sale...

Now that Halloween and Bonfire Night have been and gone, I think it's OK to talk Christmas don't you? Let's face it, it isn't that far away now... so, light, baubles, action!!

The 2016 personalised Santa Letter Gift Packs are now on sale - and they've been joined by the brand new Santa Telegrams this year too!

This is the eighth year in a row that Father Christmas has used PhotoFairytales as his official supplier for his extremely special (and very rare) personalised Letters. Plus, to satisfy demand, this year he has also introduced fabulous new Telegrams too.

As with previous years, the Santa Letters are limited edition which means that only a limited number are available. They are so popular it is advised that you reserve yours now before they all go. Each letter is created individually (no computer generated nonsense here!), and is packed with detail so your child will know for sure that Father Christmas truly exists. Santa also personally signs each and every one, and the letters are printed on lovely parchment style paper. 

Remember, if you get a PhotoFairytales Santa Letter you'll know that Santa has actually handled it himself and written it himself. Forget those cheap horrible ten-a-penny fake letters: they're fed into a database, someone hits the 'print' button, and every letter comes out exactly the same as the last. But not these - oh no, these are genuine!

The Letters also come complete with a high quality personalised Nice Certificate, and 3 mystery craft gifts that will keep your youngster busy in the lead up to Christmas. Each letter is sent (with a pinch of genuine North Pole sprinkles) in a big jolly red envelope which is labelled with a 'special delivery' North Pole sticker and the Elf Quality Stamp of approval. The letters are only £7.50 including UK delivery (overseas orders are also welcome), so they certainly are a bargain! And remember, if you ordered a Letter from Santa last year it won't be the same this year - and if you order letters for siblings they will always be different (Santa never repeats himself!). 

The new personalised Santa Telegrams are fabulous value at just £6.50 including UK delivery - and each one is also personalised and hand signed by Santa too!

The Telegrams are printed on lovely quality kraft-style card and are hand stamped and signed by Santa (yes, the same Santa who signs the Letters - because there is only one official Santa!!). There are 3 versions to choose from: the Nice Telegram, the Baby's 1st Christmas Telegram, and the Naughty Telegram (perfect for adults who need a little reminding about being better behaved!). They come with a Nice Certificate just like the Santa Letters - except the Naughty Telegrams which don't (for obvious reasons). They come with something else instead...!

For every Letter and Telegram you buy, I'll also be making a donation to a fabulous UK charity; STEPS. They are a national charity working for all those whose lives are affected by childhood lower limb conditions. I'm so pleased to be fundraising for them this year, so every time you make a purchase you'll be helping their great work too.

The Letters and Telegrams are on sale until December 16th, so be quick and reserve yours now. All orders will be sent out during the first week of December (when everyone is seriously in the Christmas mood!), and orders from the beginning of December onwards will be sent within 2-3 working days. 

Ho, ho, ho!
Sarah x

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