Thursday 1 October 2020

Be inspired by... October

Ah, October - lovely, leaf changing, crisp morninged, shall we put the heating on yet, beware of witches, October...

Autumn is well and truly with us now - but before we get bogged down with the bossy Christmas season, let's revel a bit in the glory that this month brings!

I always think it's quite exciting when you wake up to the season's first frost - or even one of those crisp, foggy mornings. Our first day of October here in Norfolk is a tad dark and damp, but I'm holding out hope for a good frost snap soon (if only to discourage the spiders that seem to have taken over the house!). If you're struggling to enjoy the cold, dark mornings though - and you're pining for the warmth of past summer days - I think my brand new October inspiration board over on Pinterest will help you feel the joy for autumn! It's packed full of gorgeous images that should leave you feeling inspired and in love with this month:

With Halloween on the horizon it's tempting to go all out with the orange pumpkins, but this isn't necessarily the only way to bring a touch of autumn glow to your home this month. Why not look at more muted tones that echo the season: soft browns, warm taupe and neutral creams and greys, gentle sage greens and blues... When you start planning your Halloween decorations, think about perhaps grouping some mini pumpkins and gourds into a bowl, swap floral displays for simple and striking grasses, introduce some beautiful linen and natural wood elements into your home, light some candles for maximum cosiness in the evening too. It's a season for adding warmth, layers and texture.

Scandinavians actually think of this time of year as one of the very best seasons - they'll be marking Brittsommar on October 7th, a day to celebrate that late summer/early autumn warmth, and named after Saint Bridget of Sweden. In fact, as a nation the Danes burn more candles than any other - so why not emulate them? Make lighting a candle in the evening part of your daily routine - a candle is for any day, not just special occasions!

There are a few fun old folk-lore sayings based around the month of October, such as "Rain in October means wind in December", "When berries are many in October, beware a hard winter", and the very charming, "If ducks do slide at Hallowtide, at Christmas they will swim; if ducks do swim at Hallowtide, at Christmas they will slide."

The word 'October' comes from the word 'octo', meaning eight, and dates back to the ancient Roman calendar. It's a month which the Saxons called Wyn Monath... or Wine Month, which sounds a very reasonable way of cosying down for the chilly nights!

Whenever you head outside this month remember to take your phone with you so that you can take some snaps to capture the beauty of the changing seasons: the golden leaves, the early frosts, the low sun - even the beauty of a steel grey sky and that beautiful soft light that it brings.

Now is the time to bring the warmth and sun indoors: take a moment, pause, light some candles, and... relax.

Sarah x

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