Friday 4 September 2015

Tight? Frugal? Penny Pinching? Money saving? Yep...

Does anybody else keep hold of used batteries just in case, you know, they might come back to life? No? Just me then…

I’ve got a drawer in my desk full of them - mainly because I once discovered that the battery that no longer made my toothbrush work still (weirdly) made my computer mouse work. Don’t ask me how I discovered this - it involved a fair bit of lazy "can’t be bothered to go downstairs" behaviour.

And whilst I was rearranging the batteries in the TV remote last night (because we all know that if you take them out, rub them Aladdin and his lamp style, and put them back in a different order you get another week out of them), it made me wonder if I’m a bit, well, tight?

For example, we need a new frying pan. Now, I don’t use the frying pan very often (it’s main action is seen on Pancake Day - and the odd egg for fried egg sandwiches when the late night munchies strike), so I don’t want to spend a fortune. Plus it has to live at the bottom of the cupboard with all the saucepans stacked on top, so it doesn’t get treated kindly. Therefore, by my reckoning it’s not worth spending a fortune on a new one. I’ve set myself a budget of £3.50. £3.99 at a push. So I’ve spent the last month in every shop that sells frying pans turning my nose up at them because they’re £4.99. (Well, for that pound I could buy a new pack of batteries - at least that’s what I’ve heard, I rarely buy them of course.)

And you know those plastic clippy things you use to seal plastic bags when you put them in the freezer? If I possibly can I don’t use mine - I always try to tie a knot in the bag or use those horrible fiddly wire ties that come with the bags. Why? Well, because the longer I don’t use the clippy things, the longer they’ll last. Obvious!

Am I coming across as a bit weird? Or am I striking a chord with anyone? Anyone??

I like to turning the heating down by just half a degree more if I can… and I don’t like throwing away slightly chipped mugs… and when I decant the handwash out of the bottle into the dispenser I leave it overnight to make sure every drop comes out… I keep trying to get ‘one more nails worth’ out of bald emery boards… I could go on.

It’s my Dad’s fault (see here for full details) - most definitely not mine. But on the upside, I’m not averse to splashing out a whole £4.50 on a bottle of wine sometimes, so I can be quite the spendthrift when the mood is upon me, oh yes siree bob!

Do you have any money saving (penny pinching) tips you can share? Say it loud: I’m tight and I’m proud!!

Sarah x

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