Thursday 29 April 2010

An important message for all mums...

This is for all mums: mums-to-be, new mums, experienced mums, old mums, working mums, stay-at-home mums, yummy mums and stressed mums...

  • For always being the one who eats the broken biscuits at the bottom of the tin that nobody else will touch;

  • For being able to wake up from a deep sleep in the middle of the night to attend to nappies/wet beds/trips to the loo/nightmares/projectile vomiting when everyone else seems unable to;

  • For always having food in the cupboard, loo roll in the bathroom, and the knowledge to cook a dinner out of nothing;

  • For carrying on when you sometimes REALLY don't want to;

  • For teaching your child how to walk, talk, use the potty/toilet, eat with a knife and fork, hold a pen and write, count, learn colours and a million other things;

  • For sorting out the bills (because you probably do, don't you?);

  • For remembering X's birthday/anniversary, etc and sending a card - on time;

  • For feeding the pets every day - and changing their water too;

  • For doing the school run every day, rain or shine;

  • For having that magic touch that rubs away pain and kisses tears dry;

  • For not being too shy to sing and dance in public when it means you can avoid tantrums;

  • For putting on all the voices when you read the bedtime story;

  • For checking for nits (and dealing with them if you find them);

  • For sitting in the park when you really want to be sitting by a pool with a glass of wine;

  • For being the secret Sock Fairy who can wash, match and put away endless not-quite-identical black or white socks without breaking down;

  • For making sure the family get their 5 portions a day;

  • For having an answer at the ready when you are asked where babies come from;

  • For being the only one who cleans the bathroom properly and knows where dirty washing belongs;

  • For saying "no" to those high heeled shoes/freakishly expensive trainers even if "all their friends have them";

  • For having the best cuddles, end of story;

I just want to say "thank you" - because I don't think mums are thanked anywhere near enough. What we do may not necessarily have a £60k salary or a swanky office, but we do an amazing job shaping and nurturing these human beings under our care (even before they are born). It may seem like a grind (and worse some days), but all those big and little things we all do every day keep the world turning and life flowing. Without mums in the world it would be a grim place (not to mention an untidy one with everyone wearing odd socks and never getting anywhere on time!).

I salute you/me!
Sarah x

PS: and if I've missed anything off, please feel free to add it below!

Wednesday 14 April 2010

Sneaky Peek at some great Discounts!

Recently I came up with an idea to join forces with other online retailers to produce a booklet which featured special offers and discounts to customers.

And here it is! I thought you'd like a sneaky peek!

Basically, PhotoFairytales and eight other independent UK online retailers have come together in one little booklet which will be distributed up and down the country during this spring and summer at various mother and baby events. We are offering money off discount codes to all readers.

Whilst many of the retailers offer superb products for parents with young babies and toddlers, even if this doesn't apply to you take a look anyway - there are some fabulous general gift stores there too!

If you would like to take a look, and see the discount codes for yourself, just visit the Special Offers page on my website for details.

Best wishes,

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