Thursday 8 December 2011

1st Christmas Gift Ideas...

A baby's first Christmas is an important event - and needs a meaningful and thoughtful keepsake to mark it. There's a whole range of lovely gift ideas available at PhotoFairytales this Christmas, here's some suggestions for you:

1: Ticket to Parenthood, £17.50 - perfect for new parents this Christmas, fully personalised and in a choice of frames (last orders for Christmas: December 13th)

2: Handpainted Personalised Plates, £21.50 - 12 beautiful designs to choose from, including 4 gorgeous Christmas themes (last orders for Christmas: December 13th)

3: Fantasy Portraits, around £10 - beautiful bespoke images created from your ordinary photo, over 100 designs to choose from (last orders for Christmas: artwork only December 17th, artwork with prints December 15th)

4: Personalised Baby Board Books, from £10.95 - stunning books created to order featuring your own photos and words, 6 designs to choose from (last orders for Christmas: December 10th)

5: Personalised Canvas Prints, from £15 - big range of designs available, perfect for the new nursery! (last orders for Christmas: December 13th)

6: Meaning of Name Prints, £17.50 - bespoke prints available in a range of designs and choice of frame finishes, ideal Christening gift too (last orders for Christmas: December 13th)

7: Handmade Personalised Albums & Keepsake Books, £23.99 - a range of lovely designs available, including "Baby's 1st Christmas", perfect for storing Christmas memories (last orders for Christmas: December 9th)

8: Family Tree Prints, £22 - perfect for new parents and grandparents, featuring up to 3 generations and 25 names, available in a choice of frames (last orders for Christmas: December 13th)

Click here to have a browse around the PhotoFairytales site and discover even more gorgeous Christmas gifts!

Sarah x

Saturday 3 December 2011

Slummy Mummy at Christmas

Things have definitely cranked up a notch at PhotoFairytales Towers with the steady approach of Christmas. I can tell things have got busy, not solely because orders are pinging in at a rate of knots but also because of the following tell tale signs:

1: My daughter had to eat her breakfast this morning with a soup spoon (it seemed the best choice over a tablespoon or teaspoon), because I haven’t had time to load/unload the dishwasher.

2: We are having to use kitchen roll as toilet paper because I haven’t had time to do the big shop.

3: The carpet in the living room has gone from a nice oatmeal beige to a nice oatmeal beige with black hairy divots (haven’t had time to hoover or brush the dog).

4: I’m typing this while constantly having to go “phrffphh” to keep the fringe out my eyes because I haven’t had time to make an appointment to get it cut (hence the picture - which is quite true to life).

5: Every time I get an order in which is obviously for a Christmas present I feel a burst of anxiety because I haven’t had time to think about my own Christmas shopping yet.

So now you know I shouldn’t even be sitting here doing this blog - I should be finishing off orders whilst hoovering. Trouble is, I’m not sure even my (usually) stupendous multi-tasking skills are going to help. I may have to dig out my Wonder Woman costume - problem is, its in the wash - or possibly the ironing basket. One of those anyway…

How are you coping? Got everything organised? Do please leave a comment - but if you are one of those super-organised types please try not to sound too smug. I may cry!

Sarah x

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