Thursday, 14 January 2016

Put that light out! Living with an eco warrior child...

  • Put that light out!
  • Do you need the heating on that high?
  • Have you thought about working in your coat?
  • Have you heard of global warming..?
  • It is actually possible to type with fingerless gloves on, you know.
  • If you go without a bath or shower, it saves water and energy and money AND the planet…

These are just a few pearls of wisdom that fall regularly from my daughter’s mouth… And to be honest, although her nagging is a bit boring it does make me feel like a teenager again, so there’s an upside!

When I was her age the boot was very much on the other foot (see here for all the gory details about my childhood...) - and my parents were the ones with all those catchphrases. Now, as an adult, I’m hearing them all over again! I don’t mind really - I’m pleased she’s aware of these things - I just wish she didn’t turn out ALL the lights while I’m still in the room so that I end up walking around Scooby Doo style with my arms out in front of me.

And no, I’m not going to start working in my coat (call me a wastrel) - I shall stick with my little teeny-tiny fan heater, coupled with getting the dog to lay across my feet, and hope the planet survives.

Sarah x

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