Friday, 26 February 2016

What I love this week... Roald Dahl

It's World Book Day next week (March 3rd), and it's always been a bit of a calendar highlight in this house of self-confessed bookworms!

We are very much one of those families who get twitchy when we have nothing left to read - thankfully we're a 2 minute walk from the local library, so we can feed our habit relatively easily!

Amongst my daughter's favourite reads was, of course, anything (anything!) written by the fabulous Roald Dahl. They're books that we started to discover together ('The Giraffe and The Pelly and Me' being a favourite bedtime story when she was little), and as she grew older and read more independently she steadily worked her way through the entire collection (twice).

She is a living, breathing Matilda (but hopefully with nicer parents)!

This week I fell in love with some gorgeous Roald Dahl curtain fabric I spotted, and I wanted to share it - and some of the other gorgeous finds - with you:

Now, if you've got a chiddler who needs to find a costume for World Book Day this old post of mine might help a bit (sorry, probably only any good for a girl!) - World Book Day Easy Costume Solved. And if you've got any gloriumptious ideas for easy dress up outfits and can leave a comment below, that would be absolutely whoopsey-splunkers!

Right, time for a drop of frobscottle - thirsty work, all this blogging you know...

Sarah x

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