Wednesday 2 August 2023

Interior Trend: Coastal Grandmother

First we had 'Cottagecore' now we have what's known as the 'Coastal Grandmother' aesthetic - in fact, you may have noticed the #coastalgrandmother hashtag on social media for the last few months, and seen nautical styles creeping into homeware shops on the high street. It’s an aesthetic that’s really caught the imagination - but don’t think it means fuddy-duddy granny-style, this is all about stylish minimal easy-living, timeless cosiness, simplicity and elegance. 

The pandemic spurred a lot of people into dreams of living live life at a slower pace - to have outside space, be away from city life. The wish for space, nature, fresh air, calmness, a bit of peace and tranquillity. Apart from country style living, the other aspect to this lifestyle trend is one for waterfront, beachside or riverside living. Picture the scene: working from home and looking out of your window at the sea or a river. Ending your day with a stroll on the beach or along the riverbank... bliss!

The look can be smart and elegant with a tailored feel, or it can have a cosy and casual, lived-in feel. The beauty of it is that you can make it your own style, there are no rules, and (most importantly!) you don't have to live at the seaside to achieve it. The look is all about relaxation, friends and family, an easy-going life and escapism - the feeling of holidays and days off, even when you're not doing either of those things! Sitting back and relaxing is the new adventure day.

Here's a few lovely things I found on Folksy which all fit the Coastal Grandmother theme perfectly:

Sellers featured (from left to right, top to bottom): JaniemadePocketful CreationsCornish CraftworkWhiteCottageSoftFurnishingsAdrienne Hughes Artthe crimson rabbitVelvet Moth CreationsRed Dog SewsLizzie Mabley Fabric & Home, and AliDufty 

Along with this new lifestyle wish has been a trend for interior decor and colours to reflect the waterside living. Basically, the look is a more modern and minimalist version of the traditional and oh-so-lovely farmhouse aesthetic. It's grown up but relaxed, with a nod to heritage. It's the opposite to the maximalist style (dark colours, florals and heavy patterns) - instead it's all about simplified colour palettes, and pattern is often limited to basic lines and checks. It's a look that works all year round too, creating a cosy and calming interior for the home.

Neutral coastal colours of creams, whites, sands, soft blues and smart navy are the basic shades to build on, combined with textures such as wicker, rattan and wood. Touches of natural rope, checks and stripes, driftwood. Keep it soft by mixing in a little ochre yellow or coral, or perhaps a pale turquoise or gentle green - or add a smart contrasting deep red or yellow for a real pop of colour against the neutrals. Black also makes a brilliant contrast colour against the neutral beige, sand and white colours.

Bringing a little coastal charm to your home is a classic, timeless look that can be enjoyed in any home, bringing a touch of calm with a straightforward easy palette and simplified lines. A look that makes you feel that you're in your 'happy place'.

Check out the Instagram accounts for more inspiration:

Key takeaway for this look: Keeping this look contemporary means nodding towards the style, rather than shouting about it and filling your room with nautical-themed knick-knacks. Instead keep lines and colours simple, pared down and refined, use natural materials, tonal neutral colours, and don't go overboard (pardon the pun) with seaside decor. Let the overall design do the talking, adding little subtle touches that have a more 'found' feel rather than by design.

Take a look on PhotoFairytales for some great inspiration for this timeless interior look:

Oh, and if you want the ultimate inspiration, watch the Nancy Meyers movie "Something's Gotta Give" starring Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton - and search the #nancymeyersinteriors hashtag on Instagram!

Sarah :)

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