Thursday 26 March 2009


OK, so it's taken me a bit of a while to get myself sorted with the whole "blogging" thing! I have a large notepad that I keep beside me so that every time I think of something I need to do I can jot it down - and "DO A BLOG!" has been featuring on pretty much every page for the last 2 months!

I've spent the last couple of weeks revamping my website and making it look (hopefully) a whole lot clearer and better laid out. Over the last 3 or 4 months it had got a bit, well, shall we say scrappy? As I kept adding bits, it kept getting more and more messy. When I introduced my range of fake magazine covers and started loading them onto the site, I decided I needed to set aside some time to sort it all out properly. It's pretty much there now, so no more growling and snarling at the computer for me (for a while anyway...)!

So - now I've got blogging ticked off on my To Do List, all I need to do now is put "WRITE IN YOUR BLOG" on the list...!

Sarah x

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