Thursday 23 April 2009

Freebies, £5 Vouchers and Chocolate

So, the Easter holidays are over - they seemed to just fly by! We had great fun setting up an Easter Egg Hunt for Amy, with her tearing around the house and garden tracking down clues (oh, and a few moments while she mistakenly tried to find her way into next door's car because she misread one of the clues! - "No, the clue said look for a 'blue' car, not a 'black' car - yes, I know that one is closer but trust me - it doesn't have any eggs inside... oh, OK, there goes the alarm - quick leg it!").

And once again, NO EASTER EGG FOR ME.... I actually asked my husband why I haven't had an Easter Egg for the last 3 years: his reply? "Do you know, I don't know?" Yes, I do indeed know: BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T GO TO THE SHOP TO BUY WE ONE!!! I made him share his Toblerone one though...

The deadline has now passed for entries into May's "Tip of the Month" - the lucky winner will receive a £5 gift voucher. The competition is on-going though, so you can enter any time: get your ideas coming in now for June. I've had some really interesting ideas, so it's going to be a tough call, but the winning entry will be posted on the website by May 1st.

Have you (or a friend/member of the family) been to wedding in the last couple of years or so? I'm working on a new range of wedding images, and looking for anyone who would like a free image created from one of their wedding photos in return for allowing me to use the finished image on the website and in publicity material. If you think you may be interested - or know someone else who might be - just visit the website ( and use the "Contact Me" form to ask for more details. I need photos of brides, grooms and bridesmaids. Pass the word around - it's completely free and worth at least £10!

I've just started selling some of my images via the MISI website: I can be found at

Oh, and I have a new logo - what do you think?!

Take care, enjoy the sunshine
Sarah x

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