Thursday 18 June 2009

The Harmonica that broke the Camels' back...

Firstly, please excuse my grumpy face, but you see it's like this:

OK, so, is it just me or.... DO I SEEM TO BE THE ONLY ONE IN THIS HOUSE THAT PICKS THINGS UP AND PUTS THEM AWAY?! Hhmm? Well? Don't bother to answer, I think I know...

So, this morning I'm doing the usual breakneck routine of trying to get the house sorted before work starts (washing machine, dishwasher, beds made, blah blah), get Amy dressed, fed, teethed & toileted, school-bagged up and walked to school on time - when I suddenly realise that I'm the only one that seems to have this much stress in the morning. Now, that doesn't seem quite right does it? Being (I think anyway) a typical woman I let the annoyance build up until I finally get 2 minutes to go to the loo (tripping en-route over a single black husband-sized shoe in the middle of the hall - what the...?! - and weaving around 3 teddies on the stairs - oh for the love of...!) and there I see my OH's harmonica sitting on the shelf in the bathroom. It's been there for days... I'm looking at this thing thinking, "Why? why is it there?". And so I have to confess I then roared so loud my buttons flew off my chest! Let me tell you, I recommend it!!

Anyway, onto better news.... I have got fairies living at the bottom of my garden AND I've got a 25% discount offer running until the end of June. Now, that's much nicer to hear about isn't it? To find out more, take a look at my Summer Newsletter at

Don't forget that I now have loads of new things available on my site too: personalised newspapers that look virtually indistinguishable from the real thing (honestly!), a great new range of official personalised image gifts for Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United - and not only that, but I've also extended my range of photo gifts and I now do loads of new things like aprons, t-shirts, mugs, etc, etc. Remember, I'm more than happy to take on custom orders too so if you can't see anything quite right - or if you have a definite idea about what you're looking for - just let me know and I'll be more than happy to help!

Yours serenely, Sarah
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  1. Loving your grumpy face Sarah!

    I've tagged you , check out m blog to see what that means and what you have to do x x


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