Monday, 18 January 2010

A new decade begins...!

Where do the hours go every day? No, I'm serious, where exactly do they go? I can't believe we are now more than half way through January already!

Christmas in our household was snowy and perfect - by Christmas Eve I had so much food (and a worktop covered, it seemed, in cakes of all variations: Yule Log, Mince Pies, Christmas Cake, Stollen, etc) that I wondered whether we would get through it all. But - er, well - we did! Then just four days later we added another cake to the dwindling collection - a birthday cake for Amy to celebrate her 7th birthday. My little girl is seven!!!! Now that really does leave me wondering where time goes, and how it moves so quickly. It seems like only a year or two ago that we were taking her to playgroup and asking her to say the word "flower" ("ferwah") just because she sounded so cute!

Towards the end of last year I started work on a new item for PhotoFairytales - once again inspired by Amy Rose. After she lost her first tooth, I wrote a special little letter from the Tooth Fairy for her - just a little thing, hastily put together. But it's something that Amy has always treasured, and when she lost yet another tooth last Autumn it gave me the idea of perhaps adding a Tooth Fairy item to the website.

With such great feedback and lovely responses to my personalised letters from Santa, I decided to work along the same lines - offering a letter packed with details about the child, and with extra gifts and surprises too. And so I am now pleased to announce that the Tooth Fairy letters are now available and on sale - plus, as an introductory offer, if you quote the order code "10BLOG" you can claim a 10% discount on your letter! For more details just click here.

I'm still working on even more new items - so watch this space for more news and offers!

Happy New Year and very best wishes,
Sarah x

(PS: There are versions of the letter available for both boys and girls!)

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