Thursday 23 September 2010

Halloween - I need some help!

On the 31st October 2009 I made a very rash promise: to throw a Halloween Party for Amy. It was designed to be a bit of a pay-off. You see, she wanted to go Trick or Treating and I (being a tad over protective maybe?) didn't want her to. I felt like a total party pooper, so found myself suggesting that next year we would have a party instead....

So, in just over a month I guess we'll be having a party, how on earth do I entertain a group of 6/7/8 year olds with the right level of scariness? What games could they play I wonder? (I've thought of apple bobbing, but got a bit stuck after that!). Are they old enough for a torchlit scary story session or will they just end up too scared to sleep that night?!

I've got some great ideas for designing a Halloween Party invitation, I know I can do some fun food and decorations but it seems getting the pitch right for the entertainment part is going to be trickier than I thought! Any ideas would be gratefully appreciated, so do please leave a comment for me...

Sarah x


  1. I love halloween!
    We do games like 'make a mummy' where kids are in pairs and have to race against other pairs by seening who can wrap their partner up the fasted in toilet roll, to look like a mummy.
    After apple bobbing, wnad without letting them dry their mouths, get them to hunt through flour to find jelly sweets like spiders and snakes. (ok that ones a bit cruel but very funny!!)
    Hide little prizes inside balloons, blow them up and get them to pop as many as the can by sitting on them.

    Also spooky food is great to make - check out my 'severed jelly hand' make in last years creative crafting magazine

    Have fun x x

  2. i made up a feely box of halloween brains, eyeballs and dead flies, and much more you can see a picture of it on my blog

    the kids loved it it got used on night during trick or treat and then the next at a party and everyone had a go even the adults
    if you need anymore help with the details of the feely box let me know
    regards tracy

  3. Wow, fantastic ideas, thanks ladies! I love that severed hand, that is so gory... not sure about the flour: brilliant idea, think the kids will love it, not sure about the parents picking them up later though, lol!! I think the gory feely bag is fabulous too - so, apple bobbing, severed hand, feely bag, and mummy game: excellent!

    (And flour game if I'm not too chicken...)

    Sarah x

  4. I love halloween too, having lived over in the US for five years we were bathed in party festivities from the end of September until after Christmas.

    I love the idea of the touchy feely bag. How about hanging large soft pretzels/bagels or doughnuts on strings and they have to try to eat them without their hands - inverted apple bobbing - without the apples ;-)

    Even a spooky scavenger hunt might work for that age group - use pictures and words?

    Hope you have loads of fun!

  5. how about a halloween craft activity. Make a pair of bat wings, just cut out the basic shapes and let them loose with stickers, glitter etc or if you want to move it up a bit make the wings from wire or willow and let them tie on net and organza. Make straps with elastic.

    I've got loads more ideas if you need any more.


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