Monday 30 April 2012

Tired Mummy of Two takes over!

Hello there, I bet you didn't
expect to see me here did you?
I'm Laura from the Tired Mummy of Two blog, and I am on a bit of a mission to hijack blogs everywhere to get you all talking about my wonderful and exhausting prize draw. Some of you might recognise my name as I ran a hugely successful tombola just before Christmas where I put 196 presents under peoples trees. As this was so successful I started to think of other things that I can do.

In January my sister in law gave birth to my nephew, he was 10 weeks early and very small weighing 1lb 4oz. Obviously this meant he was kept in NICU and then the SCU. When visiting him I came across Bliss and all the lovely work they are doing in these units to support the parents of these gorgeous babies. From providing leaflets and information to training specialist nurses Bliss are there for them and for my sister in law.

I decided that I needed to do something for Bliss and bought some running shoes - I couldn’t even run after a bus when I started, but now on 20th May I will be running 10k! Obviously I am trying to get people to sponsor me to do this, but as a little thank you I have arranged a prize draw for everyone who sponsors me. At the moment I have more prizes than I do sponsors so it is looking very likely that people will be getting something nice through the post soon.

You are reading my message on this blog because PhotoFairytales is one of the many businesses who have donated a prize to me so if you are here because you love their products then you might be able to win one of them!

You can find a full list of the prizes here

To sponsor me you can Text “XOGY47 £1” to 70070 or click on my Just Giving page

To be entered into the prize draw you must validate your entry here this is to abide with competition and gambling laws.

Best wishes,
Laura Seaton

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