Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Christmas Gift Guide: Top 10 Personalised Romantic Love Gifts

Have a cosy, smoochy, romantic Christmas this year with these lovely gift ideas...

1: 'Love' Personalised Wooden Photo Blocks, any wording available, wide range of colours, £6.25 per block
2: 'Ticket to Love' Personalised Print, range of designs available, £14.50
3: 'Waves in the Sea' Personalised Print, range of other designs also available, £14.50
4: 'Kissing' Personalised Vintage Print, range of designs available, £14.50
5: Personalised Love Poem Print, range of other designs available, £14.50
6: Personalised 'Vintage' Handmade Keepsake Album, range of designs available, £25
7: 'Foxes' Personalised Embroidery Hoop print, more designs available, £18.50
8: 'Love Story' Personalised Canvas Print, from £16.95
9: Personalised Blue Heritage Plaque, £17.95
10: Personalised 'Timeline' Print, range of colours, from £16.50

Don't forget, delivery is free at PhotoFairytales, so you can order as much or as little as you like or as often as you like and you won't have any nasty P&P charges to worry about!

More great gift ideas same time tomorrow,
Sarah x

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