Friday 18 November 2016

Brand New: personalised handmade Memory Pairs Card Game for children

New and exclusive to PhotoFairytales!

The Christmas present hunting is hotting up now, and I'm really pleased to let you know about my new personalised card game which will be a perfect gift for youngsters this Christmas!

Beautifully packaged, this handmade personalised Memory Card Game is the one we've all played as children, where you have pairs of cards that you turn over to match. It's a simple game, quick and easy for even young players to pick up, but one that they can play with adults and older children too. 

What makes this pairs game unique though is that it features all your own photos, so children will adore turning over the cards and seeing pictures of themselves, family members, pictures of their pets or favourite toys - anything you wish!

The game consists of 20 cards featuring your chosen photos - and the backs of the cards are also personalised with your child's name. The cards are a lovely big size, so easy for small hands to pick up, and they're made of chunky thick board too. The cards are packaged in a lovely linen-effect white gift box which is also personalised for them. It's all tied up with white ribbon and ready to pop under the Christmas tree or in their stocking!

Not just a great present for Christmas, this personalised card game will also make a lovely gift for a birthday too.

Visit the website now for full details - and if you'd like to order in time for Christmas, the deadline for orders is December 11th!

Sarah x

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