Monday, 6 November 2017

Christmas Eve Boxes - the 'must have' item this Christmas!

It is odd how a trend arrives with such certainty that it's hard to imagine how and why it's only just arrived... and one case in point is the Christmas Eve Box. These have become huge - and I mean, HUGE this year.

Everyone wants one this Christmas...
well, who wouldn't, they're a gorgeous idea?!

'Festive' design personalised wooden Christmas Eve Box - from PhotoFairytales

The personalised Christmas Eve Boxes you can find at PhotoFairytales are truly lovely - available in a range of designs and styles there's something for everyone: whether you're just looking for something to pop a couple of little trinkets in, or something bigger you can fill to the brim!
Visit PhotoFairytales now to see the full range of personalised boxes available

All the Christmas Eve Boxes are personalised to order and made from solid wood. They have attractive catches, and are lovely robust boxes that you'll be able to use year after year. A new family tradition!

There are designs for children, couples, families - even ones for your pet (because they love Christmas too)!

'Mistletoe Wreath' wooden Christmas Eve chest, available in two sizes - order now at PhotoFairytales 

What to put in your Christmas Eve Box? Here's some ideas:

  • Children will love little treats such as a DVD, a book, chocolate coins, reindeer food, stickers, Christmas crafty bits, a colouring book and pencils or crayons, a special decoration to hang on the tree, a little game, some new pyjamas or slippers, a little storybook, a small toy, jewellery or hair accessories.
  • Teenagers will also love receiving chocolates and sweets, popcorn, pyjamas and slippers, hot chocolate (with a sachet of marshmallows perhaps), a CD or DVD, smellies, new undies or fun socks.
  • Adults are usually ready for a little tipple by the time they sit down on Christmas eve, so perhaps a bottle of wine or beer, pyjamas, some cosy bed socks, candles, chocolates or liquors, smellies, new undies or silly socks, a microwaveable hottie or hot water bottle, perfume/aftershave, jewellery. Something romantic, something saucy, or just something to to enjoy together and toast one another as another year draws to an end...
  • Pets are easy - food (of course): think yummy treats, chews, tasty bites and munchies, a new toy, perhaps a little cuddly to take to bed, a new collar or ID tag, perhaps even a new bowl or an outfit to wear for the big day?!

So, with Christmas fast creeping up on us, and now that Bonfire Night has been and gone, we can get down to some serious Christmas shopping. Don't leave it too late to order these massively popular Christmas Eve Boxes - visit the PhotoFairytales site today.

Sarah x

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