Tuesday 15 May 2018

Yet another GDPR email... are you bored yet?!

I expect nearly all of you will have had at least one email land in your inbox this month asking you to resubscribe to a mailing list you've been quietly and happily signed up to. It's all on account of the new GDPR rules which come into force on May 25th.

GDPR (or General Data Protection Regulation) is essentially there to protect the information businesses and organisations hold about you. It's an attempt to give you more reassurance that your data won't be abused. The emails you've been getting from those that have your details on a database are to make sure that they have themselves covered so that they don't get fined (these fines are potentially eyewatering and could result in businesses being fined out of existence if they don't comply). So it's serious stuff, and all businesses and organisations big and tiny want to get it right.

I use a company to administer my mailing list and hold all the data on my behalf - and roughly two years ago I moved my list from one company to another. I'd been with the first company for a number of years, and whilst they were perfectly fine I found that creating attractive emails and newsletters was a bit clunky and fiddly. So I moved my database to another company, namely Mailchimp. Everyone that has ever been a member of my mailing list will have been asked to 'opt in' twice: the first time you enter your details, and then a second time when you receive an automated email asking you to confirm that you really do want to 'opt in'. This double opt-in method is something GDPR want everyone to be doing. But they also want businesses to be able to prove when a customer opted in, and when they confirmed they opted in. They want a date and a time. Sadly, because I moved my mailing list some of this information had been lost - which means that those of you that joined my list while it was with my old provider will have had an email from me today asking for confirmation that you'd like to be on the list.

Yes, it is super irritating (especially if, like me, you've been deluged with these over recent weeks!), but sadly it has to be done otherwise I'd be breaking the rules.

So, if you've received one of these emails from me today - and assuming you'd like to stay on the mailing list! - please make sure you click the button in the email. If you don't, I will have to delete your details from the mailing list on May 25th and you'll stop receiving my newsletters and offers.

Don't panic if you missed the email though: I'll be sending another 'last chance' email next week just in case there are any of you that didn't see the first one. And if over the next few weeks (ie, after May 25th) you realise you're no longer receiving the emails you're used to from me you may need to sign up again as it could be that you missed both GDPR reminders. It's quick and easy though: just click here to join the mailing list and you'll be back on again! 

If you have any questions about the mailing list please don't hesitate to get in touch and I'll be very happy to help.

Best wishes,

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