Thursday 25 October 2018

PhotoFairytales - websites through the ages...

When a new baby arrives one of the first things new parents do is whip out the camera and snap every little movement, smile, milestone that their gorgeous newborn makes. Of course, why wouldn't you? And it doesn't stop there of course, we're madly photographing and recording them through every step of their lives, one way or another.

So, that got me thinking: (apart from my human 'baby', and my 'fur babies', of course!) my 'baby' is my business, and yet the emphasis with that is always about changing and improving, moving forward and evolving - never marking anything for posterity, or remembering times past. So wouldn't it be great to flip through some old images of how it looked when it was a newborn?!

OK, this might not be of huge interest to you if you haven't known me or my website for long, but - in the same way you react when someone shows you their baby photo album - bear with me, be polite: especially as PhotoFairytales was, erm, actually quite an ugly baby!

So by harnessing the power of the internet, I've been able to get some screenshots of PhotoFairytales through the years. I couldn't find one from right back at the beginning (2009), but I did manage to find one from 2011...

Like I say, PhotoFairytales was an ugly baby! I thought it looked so good at the time - but all those colours and all that busy-ness.. what was going through my head?!

Moving forward 2 years to 2013, and things are starting to look a bit better:

Still a bit busy and cluttered, but at least the colours are easier to live with now! I've even got a proper logo...

This is how it looked back in May 2016 - or what I think I'll call "The Wordy Year" (I obviously wanted to get my message across quick: look at all that reading you had to do!). Prettier colours though.

And finally, this is what it looks like today: less cluttered, a more streamlined colour scheme, and a lot less reading to do!:

I think from now on I'm going to make it a 'thing' to take a screenshot before I do any major changes to my website - just for old time's sake. And that way, any time I fancy a wander down memory lane - or a laugh at my old website skills - I can have a flick through my 'PhotoFairytales Through the Ages Album'!

Which one do you think looks best (and please don't say "the first one"!)?

Sarah x

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