Friday 16 November 2018

It's #folksyfriday Day!

There's no denying that Black Friday has become a 'thing' in this country - imported from the US, it's now an annual date on the UK calendar too.

But, for as many people who love Black Friday, there seems to be a growing band of British shoppers who want to kick back against it, especially during a season when the feeling is that Christmas is becoming too commercial anyway. They're turning their back on the mass produced commercialism and reaching out for something more honest, with more integrity. After all, we all know that many products are deliberately launched with over inflated prices just so that they can have their prices 'slashed' on Black Friday!

Shoppers have become more considerate, more environmentally aware, more discerning: they want quality, customer care, uniqueness, individuality. So if you're one of those that's wising up to the Black Friday fuss, and trying to shop with a little more integrity, I have some great news for you... 

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The team behind British craft marketplace, Folksy, asked their sellers whether they wanted a Black Friday campaign - and the resounding answer was 'no'. The designers, crafters, makers and creators who sell on the site felt strongly that it didn't fit their own ethos or that of Folksy shoppers. The customers at Folksy are looking for beautiful artisan crafts, not mass produced or imported goods that can be bought anywhere. Folksy customers are much more discerning!

So the concept of Folksy Friday Day was born - a day to celebrate handmade, to bring joy and colour to online retail in the form of beautifully made, designed and crafted gifts and homewares.

If you haven't discovered Folksy yet, it's a British marketplace and the home of modern craft. It's similar to American site, Etsy, with a couple of important differences: everything you see on the site is British, and everything is handmade - you won't find anything mass produced or passed off as being handmade. No fakery, nothing pretending to be what it isn't: just beautiful items made and designed by tiny British businesses, artisans and cottage industries.

So, if you're looking for something utterly unique, something that will be remembered and adored, this Christmas you need to take a look at 

Oh, and if you follow the PhotoFairytales Facebook page I'll be running regular posts inviting other crafters and designers to share their work and shops - so if you're looking for fabulous gift ideas make sure you follow the page to discover some great present ideas for your loved ones this Christmas!

Happy shopping,
Sarah x

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  1. Such a great article and a lovely selection of handmade goodies to accompany it :).


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