Wednesday 6 March 2019

Lady Boss with a fearless attitude (and a FREE print!)

I took a quiz yesterday to determine what kind of business-owner I am… just for fun, and mostly because it reminded me of those quizzes I used to do in teen magazines back in the day (mostly full of questions to determine whether you’d be a good match for a certain celebrity: remember doing those?!).

And the result? Well, apparently I came out as ‘fearless’!

I have an authentic, fearless personality which puts customers first when it comes to creating an awesome product that they will love (yes, I like to think that’s right). Sometimes I get frustrated with aspects of control over my business (yea-uhuh!), but I have a unique skill for powering through imperfections and I am incredibly persistent (yup). I have the opportunity to continue growing and using my wisdom to take my business to the next level.

So, although the quiz was just a bit of fluff and fun, it has left me feeling a bit empowered to be honest. I run my business myself, from home, and sometimes to be perfectly honest it can be hard to maintain a feeling of positivity. I adore what I do, and I have truly AMAZING customers - buy hey, we all have ’off’ days and I’m no stranger to the wobbly ’am I doing it right’ imposter-syndrome times. Even after nearly 10 years of doing this! So it’s actually rather lovely to be told that you’re fearless.

It may have been a bit of daftness, but I’m going to believe it (just the same as I believed the quizzes in Smash Hits magazine and Just Seventeen!).

If you're feeling a bit fearless yourself, or fancy a bit of motivation on your wall, I've got a free print you can download. Print if off, put it in a frame and put it up on your wall for a little bit of empowerment whenever you need it! Follow the links below - the print will print on A4 and will fit in any standard frame with an 8x6" opening (or a frame with a mount that has an 8x6" aperture).

Free Motivation Print in Blue - click here
Free Motivation Print in Pink - click here

(Small print: the print is completely free for your own personal use. You may not reproduce or sell the print, or pass it off as your own work. Not allowed for commercial use. Copyright belongs to

Enjoy! And now I'm going to go and get on with my fearless day and see if I can use my wisdom to get my business to the next level!!

Sarah x

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