Tuesday 5 October 2021

PhotoFairytales has won an award (again)!

 I mean, I think this image says it all really:

Yep, I've only gone and won 'Best International Bespoke Handmade Gifts Retailer 2021' - a bit of a mouthful, but absolutely brilliant none the less!

SME News are a UK trade magazine supporting small and medium sized enterprises. They run various annual awards every year, including their flagship programme UK Enterprise Awards. The Enterprise Awards programme is there to recognise the work done by small and medium businesses, particularly during the difficulties COVID-19 presented over the past year. This year’s winners include UK businesses that range from micro companies with a focus on creating wonderful products, to medium sized businesses with an aim to provide a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Discussing the success of these deserving winners, Awards Coordinator Emma Pridmore praised the programme’s winners: “Congratulations to all the businesses recognised in this year’s awards. It’s always exciting to reach out to people with the good news, and I wish you all the best for the future.”

To say I'm over the moon with this fantastic news is putting it mildly - but I just wanted to say that I honestly wouldn't be here doing this thing that I love, if it weren't for you. I sent a very quick message to all the members of my VIP club about the news yesterday, and it was just so lovely to get loads of emails back congratulating me - I mean, truly lovely - I've not stopped smiling!

So thank you, dear reader - you're what it's all about!

Sarah x

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