Friday 11 November 2022

The best £7.25 you'll spend this Christmas!

I know, I completely get it - we're all finding ways to curb spending this Christmas. Every one of us. It's a real balancing act at this time of year, isn't it? But I honestly think this little treat for your children will not only charm and delight them, it'll charm and delight you too - and I think if you can do that for under a tenner at the moment you're onto a winner!

I've been working with Santa for years now, helping him to send out these very special personalised Letters and Telegrams to boys and girls up and down the country (and in other countries too). When my own daughter was little she would receive one of these Santa Letters every December, and I remember the sheer joy and wonder in her face when she would open the big red envelope to see what Santa was writing to her that year. Every year he wrote something different, remembered her important moments over the past year, knew exactly what she was wishing for most of all to find under the Christmas tree!

As a parent it's moments like this that remind you what Christmas is all about. It's about that magical, excited, thrilling feeling that Christmas is coming. Seeing your little boy or girl reading their Santa Letter makes you feel nostalgic for you and full of festive wonder for them, all at the same time! It sounds daft, but honestly it does! 

The innocence of a magical, enchanting Christmas moment, helping you to put aside the gloomy news and your worries, and share a wonderful moment in time that you'll both remember. You and your child won't fail to full of festive cheer. And the best part? The price - starting at just £7.25 (including delivery, no nasty surprises!) you can share this magical moment with your children or grandchildren!

Santa is sending special Telegrams along with his ever-popular limited edition Santa Letter Gift Packs. And of course he'll also be leaving lovely personalised letters for children to discover on Christmas morning after his visit too. Beautiful quality, and with amazing attention to detail, these Letters & Telegrams are incredible value too.

I'm sure if you spend 5 minutes on the internet you'll quickly find all sorts of personalised Santa Letters on offer - but just remember, not all of them are real. They won't be signed by the actual Father Christmas. They'll probably be printed off in a factory somewhere by someone who doesn't even work for Santa and hasn't really thought about who'll be opening that letter. The PhotoFairytales ones are very, very different. Santa writes and signs every one himself. He cares very deeply about every Letter or Telegram he writes.

The icing on the Christmas Cake every year is that Santa likes to use his Letters & Telegrams to help UK charities too. Every year Santa and I support a different cause, and this year we'll be making a 50p donation for each one sold to the Be Kind Movement. It's may not be a charity you know, we like to support charities big and small, but it's a fantastic organisation that really needs help at the moment. With more children than ever experiencing high levels of anxiety, Be Kind Movement delivers school workshops to promote kindness values. Run entirely by volunteers, their aim is to entertain, educate and empower children and young people with emotional intelligence skills for life.

Don't leave it too late to book your Santa Letter or Telegram this year. Let's make Christmas 2022 extra magical - I think we all deserve a little magic right now, don't you?

Sarah x

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