Thursday, 4 February 2016

Brand new: 'Floral' design wooden photo blocks - perfect for Mother's Day!

Personalised 'Floral' Wooden Photo Blocks
- a perfect present for Mother's Day
I know, one minute it's Christmas and the next we're talking about Valentine's Day and Mother's Day! Time often moves so fast I swear it ruffles my hair...

But, there's no getting away from it: Mother's Day is on the horizon. March 6th to be precise!

I've got lots of gorgeous goodies on the site for you to choose from, lovely treats I know your mum will love (and you, so start dropping hints!). And these beauties have just landed - a lovely addition to the existing range of personalised wooden photo blocks I have on the site.

Available in a huge range of colours, you can choose from the words 'Mum', 'Mummy', 'Nan', or 'Nanny' - or you can create your own word as there's an option to buy extra individual blocks. So if you want 'Grandma' or even 'Mumsicle' (which is what my daughter, for reasons best known to herself, calls me) that's not a problem!

Each block is made of solid wood and features 3 of your favourite photos on each block - so, if you order 'Mum' for example, the blocks will show 9 photos in total. The top and bottom of each block is finished with a pretty floral design. The blocks are then given a lovely 'worn' feel by sanding and finishing them with Annie Sloan wax.

Stack them vertically, horizontally, straight or on the tilt - however you display them they will look delightful. And you can keep turning them round to display different photos too.

A really touching and unique present for your mum (or you!) on Mother's Day. Visit the PhotoFairytales site now for even more great gift ideas.

Sarah x

PS: Don't forget, my Valentine's Day competition is still running. You could win one of 5 personalised Love Prints. Click here to enter now!

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Friday, 29 January 2016

Competition Time!

Take a look at the Competitions, Discounts and Giveaways tab above to see my new competition - and be in with the chance of winning one of 5 personalised Love Prints in time for Valentine's Day!

Be quick - the competition ends on February 7th...

There are 5 ways to enter, and each entry counts - so the more you do, the greater your chances of winning!

Sarah x

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Personalised Valentine's Day Gifts: Top 10 gift picks for him and her

Unusual Valentine's Day gifts for him and her...
Valentine's Day is just around the corner - but have no fear, if you haven't given it a single thought you've still got time to find a really unique and unusual gift and have it delivered to your door!

Here's a roundup of 10 of the most popular items available at PhotoFairytales - each one is made especially for you, and fully personalised. And there's plenty more to choose from on the website, so if you're looking for a truly distinctive Valentine's Day present this year, PhotoFairytales is the place to find it!

You don't need to spend hours scouring the internet or the same boring old retailers - whether you've been together for years, or you're new young lovers, you'll easily find the perfect present over at PhotoFairytales. Give them something truly thoughtful and different. All with free UK delivery too!

Be a #giftgivinggenius this Valentine's Day with these great gift ideas -

1) Ticket for Love print, £14.50 (range of designs available)

2) Vintage 'Kissing' print, £14.50 (other designs also available)

3) Personalised Love Poem, £14.50 (available in a range of colours and designs)

4) Personalised Embroidery Hoop Print, £18.50 (other designs also available)

5) Personalised Newspaper, from £12.50 (choice of storylines available)

6) Timeline Print, from £16.50 (available in a choice of colours)

7) 'My Dear' Personalised Canvas print, from £16.95 (large range of designs available)

8) Wooden Photo Blocks, £6.25 per block (available in a wide choice of colours)

9) Personalised Blue Heritage Plaque, £17.95

10) 'Waves in the Sea' Personalised Love Print, £14.50 (other designs also available)

British made, handmade, and made with love especially for you - and not all mushy-lovey-dovey-fluffy-bright-pink-and-red either (but still unashamedly romantic)!

Are you looking forward to Valentine's Day this year? Got something romantic planned?

Sarah x

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Thursday, 28 January 2016

How to get printer ink off your hands...

Getting ink off fingers - choose your weapon!
Running a business like PhotoFairytales, this is a regular occurrence for me - I rarely manage to change an ink cartridge on my printer without managing to get a few smudges on my hands. Drives me mad!

This morning I had a complete disaster when a black cartridge decided to flood ink all over me, coating my finger tips and palms. So this is what I tried to get it off:
  • Straight away I reached for the nail varnish remover - took off a bit, but not very much.
  • Next I sent my OH into the garage to fetch his Swarfega (I love the smell of this stuff!) - and that, coupled with an awful lot of scrubbing took off another layer or two.
  • But I still had ink ingrained into the grooves of my skin, so after some quick googling, I found a tip that mentioned hairspray. I sprayed some over my fingertips, waited for about 10-15 seconds, then scrubbed it off with some soapy water and the nail brush again. By this time the skin of my poor hands were starting to rebel from all the hard scrubbing!

I’ve still got some ink imbedded in the grooves of my fingertips, but the ink on my palms has by now pretty much gone. I would say that I’ve managed to get 95% of the ink out of my skin - certainly enough to be ‘passable’! (Although I think if I worked in an environment where my hands had to look completely spotless they wouldn’t pass.)

The only other thing left to try is a bleach solution (roughly 1 part bleach to 10 parts water). But my hands are suffering from all the scrubbing as it is so I’m not going to bother this time - but I’m sure it would be the ‘big guns’ if I did need them to be totally flawless. (I’ve also heard that window cleaner is worth a try, and also those ‘magic eraser’ sponges, but I have a feeling bleach would be the best final resort.)

So I shall give my poor hands a rest and give them a treat with some of my Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector (seriously, this is the best handcream I have ever, EVER, tried). My hands are so prone to dryness and if I don’t look after them (or have a day when they’re in and out of water), they get sore and cracked - but this hemp handcream is great at restoring them. I can’t praise it highly enough, so if you’re looking for a really heavy-duty handcream I’d definitely recommend it. Bloomin’ marvellous (bit pricey, but lasts for ages)!

Have you found something miraculous for getting printer ink out of your fingers? If you've got any other tips do leave a comment and let me know!

Sarah :)

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Jollydays! Fight the January blues...

They do say that January is the most depressing month of the year - with January 18th being dubbed as ‘Blue Monday’. Christmas is over, we’re all hard up and feeling overweight, the weather is bleak… well I thought I’d try and inject a bit of  warmth for you with my alternative calendar dates.

So, forget adding ‘pay credit card’, ’dentist appointment’,  or ‘worm dog’ onto your calendar, add these on instead - they’re much nicer!


  • 21st: Squirrel Appreciation Day
    (after all, who doesn’t appreciate a squirrel?)
  • 22nd: Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day 
    (poor cats, only get answered once a year - so make sure you don’t miss this date!)
  • 23rd: Pie Day
  • 24th: Talk Like a Grizzled Old Prospector Day (the day you’re officially allowed to call everyone a ‘varmint’)
  • 25th: Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day
  • 27th: Chocolate Cake Day(not to be confused with Pie Day)
  • 29th: International Fun at Work Day (see how fast you can spin round on your office chair, I dare you!)


  • 2nd: Groundhog Day and Hedgehog Day (also Marmot Day and Sled Dog Day, so if you don’t like hedgehogs…) 
  • 3rd: Carrot Cake Day
  • 4th: Stuffed Mushroom Day (although, as Shirley Conran once said, life is too short to stuff a mushroom so you may decide to skip this one)
  • 5th: Working Naked Day…ooh la la! (Also Shower with a Friend Day - could be quite a day!)
  • 6th: Take Your Child to the Library Day (a sensible one!)
  • 10th: Plimsoll Day (or, if its raining, you can observe Umbrella Day instead)
  • 14th: Ferris Wheel Day (oh, and Valentine’s Day - why not combine the two and take your loved one to the fair?)
  • 15th: Hippo Day
  • 17th: Random Act of Kindness Day
  • 18th: Drink Wine Day
  • 20th: Handcuff Day (interpret this as you will…)
  • 21st: Sticky Bun Day
  • 23rd: International  Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day
    (your dog may do better with this one than you)
  • 26th: Tell a Fairytale Day
  • 27th: World Sword Swallowers Day
    (careful now…)
  • 28th: Tooth Fairy Day
  • 29th:  Leap Year Day
    (only comes every four years, so enjoy your extra free day this year by doing something luxuriatingly lovely - or propose to someone, I think that’s the other thing you’re supposed to do)

There now, I bet your calendar looks much more jolly now!
Sarah x

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