Friday, 20 October 2017

They've arrived! The 2017 Santa Letters & Telegrams are now on sale...

Too early to talk about Christmas? Not when you realise there are only 9 weeks left before the big day! So, it's undeniably 'that time of year' and it's been feeling incredibly festive this week at PhotoFairytales HQ as Santa and I have been having lots of last minute meetings to organise this years' official Santa Letters and Telegrams.

And I'm delighted to announce that they went on sale today - the 2017 Santa Letters & Telegrams are now available to buy on the PhotoFairytales website.

Many of you will know that every year I donate a share of the proceeds from sales to a UK charity. A few days ago I asked my Facebook fans to nominate a charity to support, and you didn't disappoint! A lovely list of suggestions came through - making it impossible to choose. So I did it the only way I could: by asking Santa to draw a name out of a (red) hat (with white fluffy fur on).

The 2017 charity we'll be proudly supporting this year is The UK Sepsis Trust. This fabulous organisation seeks to save lives and improve outcomes for survivors of SEPSIS by instigating political change, educating healthcare professionals, raising public awareness and providing support for those affected by this devastating condition.

So, every single Letter and Telegram that you buy will support this hard working charity - how brilliant is that?!

The PhotoFairytales Santa Letters and Telegrams are truly special. Each and every one is written uniquely by Santa himself - and he personally signs each one individually too. He's been using PhotoFairytales as his official Santa Letter supplier for 9 years now, and it's a true honour to have been selected by him.

If your baby is celebrating their first Christmas this year why not mark the moment with a special 'First Christmas' Santa Telegram - a lovely memento to keep in their memory box!

His personalised Santa Letters are EXTREMELY rare - he only produces a very limited number of them every year. If you know someone who deserves to receive one of these special letters he advises you to reserve one now - every year they sell out! His Santa Telegrams are equally special and a great way of letting the recipient know that their good works and behaviour this year won't go unrewarded. (Although, if you know someone who's been a bit naughty he's got a special version for them too to help them back on track before the big day!).

Remember, if you get a PhotoFairytales Santa Letter or Telegram you'll know that Santa has actually handled it himself, written it himself, and signed it himself. He even writes the envelope himself! Forget those cheap horrible fake Santa letters: they're fed into a database, someone hits the 'print' button, and every letter comes out exactly the same as the last. But not these - oh no, these are genuine!

Visit the PhotoFairytales site now and reserve your Letter or Telegram - don't leave it too late in case they all go! Don't worry though, they won't get posted until the beginning of December when everyone is seriously in the Christmas mood!

Ho, Ho, Ho!
Sarah & Santa x

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Theme of the Week: Nursery Decor & Finishing Touches

Planning your new baby's nursery is a lovely time - shopping for all those essential items, choosing a cot and furniture, creating a fabulous environment for your little one to grow and enjoy. It doesn't seem 5 minutes ago that we were doing exactly that for our daughter - but it was actually (unbelievably) 14 years ago!

Sorry Amy, I know you read this blog sometimes but I can't resist adding one of my favourite photos of you!!

Tastes have certainly changed in the last 14 years though, and there are some stunning trends this season for nurseries - ranging from soft neutrals and Scandi-style simplicity, to tropical and nature inspired themes full of pops of bright colour and eye-catching detail. 

If you're looking for a lovely print to compliment the nursery I've got some gorgeous ideas for you - with colours and designs ranging from soft and dreamy to fun and whimsical. My prints and canvases are created to order, and I'm always happy to tweak colours etc for you to create something that suits your decor.

1: 'Dragon' personalised canvas print, from £18.50 - part of a range of personalised canvas prints
2: Alphabet personalised watercolour print, £23.95 - a stunning A3 sized poster print on quality traditional moulded paper
4: 'Hush Little Baby' personalised canvas print, from £18.50 - part of a range of canvas print designs
5: Personalised Birth Print, £18.95 - personalised prints available in a range of colours
6: 'Raining Love' personalised 'Smiler' print, £22.95 - A3 sized poster print available in a range of colours, other designs also available

Sarah x

Monday, 25 September 2017

How to claim a FREE print, worth £10!

There are so many ways of keeping up to date with things here at PhotoFairytales HQ... (if you're one of my followers on Facebook you'll have heard about my traumatic water-through-the-ceiling boiler troubles last week, although my posts are usually more upbeat than that!!). You can find me in all the usual places (Twitter, Pinterest, etc), as well as this blog (of course), but I also have a mailing list which often has exclusive offers just for members.

Plus, everyone that signs up can claim a FREE print worth £10!

With Christmas just around the corner this is also a great way to tick a gift of your shopping list for free...

Yep, by signing up to the mailing list you can claim a free print - and there's a choice of 4 designs available too. All you need to do is spend £15 or more and quote the special order code that you receive when you sign up.

"Yes, but I don't want my inbox clogged up with constant mailshots", I hear you cry! Fear not, I usually only send once a month so I won't be pestering you day in day out!

Plus, your details will always be kept private - I'll never sell, rent or share them with anyone else. Ever.

So if you love a bargain every now and then, or you like to be always up to date with what's going on, or if you just love PhotoFairytales (who wouldn't?) then you need to be on the mailing list! Click here to visit the site and add your email address now.

I look forward to adding you to the exclusive list!
Sarah x

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Personalised Baby Board Books: now available laminated!

It's almost a year now since I introduced my new range of personalised baby board books - and in these last months they've become one of my most popular lines! The books are all handmade, and feature your own photos and wording throughout.

Measuring 10x10cm, the books are ideal for younger readers who love looking through them and recognising the images inside. I even had a customer this week who told me that her little girl kisses every page! 

There are currently 9 designs to choose from, and I'm really pleased to announce that all designs are now available in a more hard wearing laminated version.

Let's face it, younger readers can be dribble chops so I wanted to introduce the laminated version particularly for them! The laminated board books can be wiped clean with a damp cloth so if your book gets a little bit sticky its not the end of the world!

The laminated books also have a brighter, more vibrant feel to them and smooth glossy finish. 

In response to customer demand I've also introduced a faster delivery option too, so those who need their book with them a bit sooner than upgrade to 1st class recorded delivery so that their book reaches them in 1-2 working days.

If you haven't seen the board books yet do head on over to the website and take a look: they're perfect for Christmas, birthdays, and much more - and not just for younger readers either, parents and grandparents love them too!

Sarah x

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Theme of the Week: Typography

The trend for graphic typography prints and word art has been around for a while, and shows no sign of leaving - with good reason. The strong graphic style suits just about every decor and adds a timeless and classic feel whilst also giving a contemporary touch to your home.

I have a slightly obsessive love of typefaces - I have an ENORMOUS range on file that I've gathered over the years, and I still can't get enough! I'll happily sign up to 'font of the day' emails just to get a daily fix in my inbox!

My typographic prints and gifts have been my most popular lines in the last couple of years, and my ranges have grown to embrace the trend, incorporating both strong colours, monochrome, softer pastels and bold word styles to hopefully suit all tastes!

So, my Theme of the Week this week is Typography - and I've rounded up a few choice from the PhotoFairytales site that I hope you'll love:

1: 'Family Sayings' canvas print, printed to order and available in any colour of your choice, from £18.95 - part of a range of canvas designs
2: NEW Personalised Alphabet Nursery print, £23.95 - a generous A3 size print on beautiful traditionally made watercolour paper
3: 'Written in the Stars' personalised print, from £15.95 - part of the range of 'Love Print' designs in a choice of print sizes
4: Wooden Photo Blocks, from £27.50 - stunning sepia-toned hand crafted blocks in a choice of wording options featuring your favourite photos
5: 'Biscuits' Word Theme print, £22.95 - part of a range of A3-size word theme prints, created to order and available in any colours of your choice
6: 'Word Art' print, £15.95 - personalised inspirational monochrome prints, available in boy or girl options 

PLUS: See the 'Competitions, Discounts & Giveaways' tab above for details of a discount code for the Word Art prints - ends soon!

I hope you've seen something you like - there's plenty more on the PhotoFairytales website, so if you're looking for a special gift or a treat for your own home do have a browse around the site today and see what you can discover!

Sarah x

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