Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Look what's just arrived!

Now, some would accuse me of having been a bit quiet of late... not keeping up with my social media responsibilities, ignoring the blog, tut - where have I been?!

Well, I haven't been relaxing or playing hooky, don't worry: I've been working like a crazy person on a brand new range for the website. And boy, I'm so excited about these!

Personalised Wooden Picture Blocks | freestanding solid wood picture | PhotoFairytales

My new personalised Wooden Picture Blocks are now (finally) live - after many test runs and working out, they're now up on the website for all to see (and buy!). These gorgeous chunky wooden blocks are available in a range of designs.

   Personalised Wooden Picture Blocks | freestanding solid wood picture | PhotoFairytales

Each block is made from thick solid pine, deep enough to freestand - so they'll look great on a windowsill, shelf, or mantelpiece! The blocks are beautifully cut and carefully sanded so that they are super smooth on all sides and edges. The artwork is printed on gorgeous textured traditionally-made watercolour paper, and then carefully mounted onto the block. The whole piece is then given 3 coats of matte varnish to seal the print and wood, protecting it from dirt and dust.

  Personalised Wooden Picture Blocks | freestanding solid wood picture | PhotoFairytales

Each wooden block features the natural wood grain on the sides and reverse - and each one is uniquely different.

 Personalised Wooden Picture Blocks | freestanding solid wood picture | PhotoFairytales

Personalised Wooden Picture Blocks | freestanding solid wood picture | PhotoFairytales

You can find the new personalised Wooden Picture Block range over on the website by clicking here. The blocks are £18.95, including free UK delivery.

If you sign up to the mailing list before 7.30pm this evening you'll receive an awesome discount code to celebrate their launch! So if you're not on the list, head over and sign up quickety-quick!

I really hope you like the new Picture Blocks!

Sarah x

Monday, 11 June 2018

Last minute Father's Day gift guide

It's Father's Day this weekend, but don't panic if you've left it a bit late - there's still time to order Dad or Grandad a great personalised present that will blow his socks off (and is more interesting than socks - double win!)...

Here's a quick gift guide of great ideas for you - but order now before it's too late!

1) Daddy Never Snores personalised canvas print, from £18.50 - personalised and created to order, other designs available. Order deadline: 3pm today (Monday 11th)
2) Superhero personalised print, £15.95 - personalise with any title (eg, 'Dad', 'Daddy', 'Grandad' etc) and all their superhero qualities! Order deadline: midnight Wednesday 13th
3) 'Rules' personalised wall plaque, £17.95 - available in a range of colours, personalise with your own wording. Suitable for display indoors or outdoors, other designs available. Order deadline: midnight Wednesday 12th
4) Family prints, £15.95 - personalised prints celebrating your family, available in a range of colours and designs. Order deadline: midnight Wednesday 13th
5) 'Vegetable Championships' Vintage Print, £15.95 - a fun gift for the keen gardening dad, personalised and created to order. Other designs available. Order deadline: midnight Wednesday 13th
6) Personalised Blue Heritage Plaque, £17.95 - personalise with your own unique wording. Suitable for display indoors or outdoors. Order deadline: midnight Wednesday 12th
7) I love you THIS much, personalised print £15.95 - available in a choice of colours and personalised with your chosen names. Order deadline: midnight Wednesday 13th
8) Personalised Father's Day print, £15.95 - available in a choice of wording options and various colours. Order deadline: midnight Wednesday 13th

Oh, and don't forget a card! See the range of fast dispatch personalised greeting cards by clicking here (order deadline midnight Wednesday 13th)

See the range of personalised greeting cards - dispatched within one working day!

I hope that's helped to solve your last minute shopping panic!

Sarah x

Friday, 8 June 2018

6 Fun Gift ideas for your Best Friend

Happy #bestfriendsday!

Remember the days when giving your best friend a present meant one of those heart necklaces that came in two parts (and probably turned your neck green)? Or making them a mixed tape, probably recorded from the charts show on Sunday night? Or maybe scribbling a funny message inside their Maths exercise book when they weren't looking?!

But what to give your adult bestie to show them how much you care? Here's a roundup of 6 great gift ideas for your BFF!

Sarah x

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Theme of the Month: Weddings & Anniversaries

Last month's Royal Wedding fever may have subsided a little, but we're firmly in the traditional wedding season now. The 'season' normally runs from around May to October, the months when the weather is (hopefully) a little more reliable!

So, with the most romantic season upon us, my theme of the month for June is all things wedding and anniversary - and I've rounded up some great personalised gift ideas below to celebrate the big day...

The website has also had a refresh, with soft summery pinks and greens to get everyone into the mood for long days and warm evenings. It's time to hold your face up to the sun and have a happy sigh: the warm and sunny days are finally here to enjoy!

So, whether you've been invited to a summer wedding, or you're celebrating your own wedding anniversary, I've got some truly thoughtful and special wedding and anniversary gift ideas here for you:

1) Rectangular Wooden Photo Block, £24.75 - beautifully finished solid wood block, featuring your favourite photo and personalised with your own words. Carefully sanded and given a beautiful wax finish.
2) 'Lovely Pair' personalised print, £22.95 - available in a range of soft colours, these prints are a generous A3 size and can be personalised with your chosen names. Other designs are also available.
3) 'Family Address' personalised canvas, from £18.50 - a lovely gift idea to welcome a couple to their new home, this contemporary design is available in a choice of colours and is created and personalised to order.
4) 'My Message to You' personalised photo print, £15.95 - a range of prints in various colours and designs to feature your photo and special message; a truly romantic gift to celebrate your wedding day.
5) 'I Love You This Much' personalised print, £15.95 - a simple, striking typographic print featuring your chosen names and available in a range of colours to suit.
6) 'Champagne' design personalised greeting card, £2.99 - one of a range of personalised greeting cards for the perfect finishing touch, all with fast free dispatch.
7) 'Personality' personalised canvas print, from £30 - featuring your favourite photo and text, and available in any colour you'd like, this contemporary print is perfect to celebrate an anniversary or wedding.
8) 'Bowls' personalised print, from £15.95 - "this one was too hot, this one was too cold, but this one was just perfect"! A truly romantic gift for the happy couple or to mark your own anniversary. Personalised with your chosen names and date and available in a choice of colours too.
9) Personalised Oak Photo Cubes, from £21.95 - a range of gorgeous wooden storage boxes designed to display four of your favourite photos, and engraved to order. A range of designs available, plus you can also order yours to be filled with Belgian chocolate hearts for an extra romantic treat!

There are lots of other personalised wedding and anniversary gift ideas over on the PhotoFairytales website - all with free UK delivery. Browse the site now, or narrow it down by clicking here to view Wedding Gift Ideas, or click here for Romantic & Anniversary Gift Ideas, or why not take a look at the Family Gift Ideas that celebrate your whole family too.

Sarah x

Saturday, 19 May 2018

Keep it in the family… the mad things families say to one another!

“If we lived there we’d be home by now” …this is a phrase my family would often say to each other whilst pointing at a random house when we were on a long journey home. And it’s one of those daft sayings that you think probably only your family say! (It isn't is it? Is it? Am I revealing too much in this post I wonder... well, I've started now...)

Like, as another example from my own family, “How’s your belly off for spots?” when you want to enquire after a person’s well-being. Or, “Why've you got a face like a violin?” is, or course, a way of checking on a loved one’s mental health at that particular moment. Shorts aren’t called ‘shorts’ in the PhotoFairytales household - they’re called ‘ventilated sun trousers’, because that's simply more fun than just saying 'shorts'.

A typical example of a pair of ventilated sun trousers...
And, of course, there's the classic, "Do you want to buy a battleship?" 
which basically means... erm... well...

Family Sayings personalised canvas print from PhotoFairytales
You can even get your own canvas print with all the great classic family sayings on it...

My grandpa would look earnestly at you and say, “There is a green hill far away without a city wall, you know!” as if you ever doubted it and he’d found the proof. My mum is Queen of Mad Conversations, with such ice breakers as, “I had one of those but the wheel fell off.” Had what? What did you have? Wheel fell off what?! But that’s the joy you see, when you’re ‘in the know’ you instantly know that your reply should be along the lines of, “But I have the purple one, because they have castors rather than wheels which is better.” Then the reply to that would be, of course, “Yes, but I didn’t like the hairy finish on the purple ones so went for the spotty one instead.” This conversation can go on for hours. Perfect for long car journeys when you’re passing houses you don’t live in but if you did you’d be home by now...

Mad, utterly, utterly mad. Fun though… especially when you have those conversations in public so that people can overhear. I’m sure that over the years we’ve left many, many people with puzzled expressions wondering what on earth we were talking about (tip: queues are a good place for conversations like this)! But that’s the joy: the completely silly stuff that families say to one another that makes no sense to anyone outside!

So, is it just my family that has a history of all these silly phrases? 

What daft things does your family say to one another? Please leave a comment (and let me know that my family aren’t completely and utterly weird!).

Sarah :)

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