Tuesday 15 June 2010

In which Freddy has a close shave...

Have you ever had a bad hair day? A truly, truly bad hair day? I guess you probably have at some point or another, so to make you feel a little better I thought I'd share the adventure Freddy had this weekend...

He has just celebrated his 1st birthday, and frankly, things had got a bit out of hand in the hair department. If Mr Dyson had invented a hoover with hands, my hoover would have been gripping the doorframe of the cupboard everytime I tried to drag it out and vacuum the carpet - screaming, "Please! No more fur! I just can't take it. It's the fifth time today!!!"

In the first year of his life Freddy has got through 4 brushes, a de-tangling comb, and a de-matting brush for "excessively hairy dogs" (oh, and he's on his fourth lead, but that's got nothing to do with hair - that's all teeth!). So, this Saturday it was decided that the time had come - poodle parlour here we come....

Now Freddy is a cross between a cumberland spaniel and a standard poodle, so we had no idea really how he should be clipped - poodle pompoms or spaniel short back & sides..? To be honest, the tangles were the decisive factor and so the look this season for summer 2010's fashionable pooches is known as "The Squaddie" (with slight mullet overtones if you have the ears to carry it off).

He is now starting to loose his slightly reproachful stare, but he is wondering why the children at the school gate every day keep asking who he is: "I'm Freddy - style icon and lead chewer. Stroke my tummy and I'll tell you the tale of the time I took a trip to the hairdresser. Trust me kids, it will make your hair stand on end..."

Sarah x

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