Tuesday 20 July 2010

Should adults act more like children..?

I just wanted to share this little moment I had at the start of my day today:

I had just dropped Amy off at school, and Freddy Dog and I were walking home. A little girl and her mummy were walking towards us on the opposite side of the road when the little girl suddenly called out "hello" and waved to us. I called out "hello" back and she said "I've got on a dress!".
"Yes", I said "and you look beautiful."

"So do you!" was the reply - wasn't that lovely? Never seen her before in my life, but we both swapped spontaneous compliments that made us both grin at one another. What a shame as adults we don't just approach strangers and tell them we like their hat, or ask them to admire our new shoes! Imagine that world!!

Of course, on the other side, it could also be a world where we occasionally point blank tell friends that are getting on our nerves that we don't want to talk to them today - or we point at someone fat and say loudly "look, they're fat!" - or we go round to a friends' house and proclaim that it "smells funny" and then ask for a biscuit...

So perhaps its just as well we grow out of it after all.

Sarah x

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