Thursday 7 March 2013

World Book Day - easy costume solved!

If you have a child at primary school, from time to time you will get sprung with 'dressing up' days - and to be honest, you might not always get as much notice as you could wish for (eg: "Mum, it's Dress as an Insect Day at school soon!" - When? - "Tomorrow" - gulp!). It's not always easy, especially if you don't want to go to any or too much expense - but at least with World Book Day you do get a bit of time to think about costume ideas.

This year Amy had two ideas: Toto (the dog from Wizard of Oz) or Pippi Longstocking. Up until this weekend, it was all leaning more towards Toto (black leggings, black boots, black jumper, black tail from a Halloween costume, homemade ears, and a collar and tag - sorted!). But at the last minute a change of mind was made and it had to be Pippi. Which wasn't too bad actually - slightly crazy clothes, long over the knee socks, and plaits (thank goodness for Amy's long hair!). We tried threading wire through her plaits but her hair was just too heavy and we couldn't get it to work - but I think we did a pretty good job of creating suitably 'sticky-outy' plaits, don't you?!

What did your child dress as this year?

Sarah :)


  1. My daughter went as Silky from the Faraway Tree and my son went as Charlie from Charlie and the Choc factory! easy enough in own clothes and armed with a golden ticket - he hates dressing up days as hates dressing up!
    My daughters costume was easy as she wore her ballet costume which luckily still fitted from last years ballet show, some wings and a wand!

  2. I had a Gruffalo going to nursery. We have two Gruffalo outfits one without feet and one with (in fact the more I think about it the more I think this is a onsie meant to be slept in but its way too hot for sleeping in) guess which one my son wanted to wear to nursery - yup the one with feet - do you think those claws would go inside a pair of wellie boots (we live in Scotland - enough said)?!?. He had to do a quick transformation from 4 year old to Gruffalo once we got to nursery :)


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