Sunday 10 March 2013

A question for all Mums - old and young!

It’s Mother’s Day - a day that celebrates all the fabulous mums that look after, love and care for their families. So I’m feeling a bit reminiscent of the time 10 years ago when I became a mum...

The first few years of your child’s life are amazing: they grow and transform at such a fast pace. One moment you’re marvelling at their first words and steps, the next it’s their first day at school and then they’re taking driving lessons! I don’t know about you, but we have a large (and ever growing) ‘Memory Box’ - packed full of keepsakes from Amy’s life so far. From first curls and a favourite tiny sleepsuit, to her first pair of proper walking shoes and an adorable tiny denim jacket she used to wear. These mementoes will probably never stop being added to - and are definitely the first thing I’d reach for to save in a house fire!

As far as Amy is concerned, I think her main childhood memento will be her beloved bear: PB. He has been with her since her 3rd birthday, and they have never spent a night apart. He protects her from bad dreams, looks after her when she’s poorly (even at the risk of catching it himself), he hogs her bed at night, and has had lots of outings and holidays. I can see PB sitting somewhere in a corner of Amy’s life forever - it may not always be on her bed, he may be consigned to a cupboard or even a box in years to come, but she’ll always have him in her life.

So what are the mementos you kept from your child’s early years - and what are the things that you still have from your own childhood that are still treasured possessions? (Mine is a small, flat and slightly grubby white bear called ‘Snowy’ - and a little elephant brooch that I’ve had since about the age of 6 which I still occasionally wear!)

First footprints? Baby blankets? Favourite cuddlies? Hospital bracelet? Tiny clothes? A special painting?  Or just an enormous box (or boxes) crammed with mementoes from each and every year?! Let me know, I’d love to hear!

Sarah :)


  1. I have a boxes of bits and pieces for both of my boys, with all the usual suspects; hospital wrist bands, greetings cards, gift cards, first shoes, that tiny knitted cardie from Grandma, first curl and lots more. I am a scrapbooker and plan to scrap the flatter things in albums but progress is slow... my oldest is four and its yet to happen lol

    1. I absolutely love the album idea - and don't worry, you'll get it done in the end (full time school is just around the corner)!! Sarah :)


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