Friday 17 May 2013

The Top Ten Lists you SHOULD be writing...

I do like a good list - one full of things I can tick off. With ‘TO DO!!’ written across the top, numbers down the side, and a fair few slightly cheaty easily tick-offable things on there (think, ‘brush teeth’ or ‘post letters’). 

Sometimes though these lists can become a bit of a millstone around your neck. There often seems to be things on those lists that stay there longer than they should because you (let’s be honest) don’t really want to face them. So with this in mind I thought I’d write a list of potential lists that would be a pleasure to complete. Something a bit less ‘grind’ and a bit more ‘raise the spirits’!:

1. Places you have been that you loved, and places that you wish you could go
2. The best bits of the particular season we’re in right now
3. People who make you laugh and people who love you
4. Things that you would love to do if money was no object
5. The jobs you said you wanted to do when you were a child
6. The cutest/funniest things your children have ever said
7. Qualities of yourself and your life that you like and feel proud of
8. The ultimate dinner party guest list (they can be alive, dead, or mythical - doesn’t matter)
9. How you would spend a day if you had absolutely nothing to do
10. Acts of kindness that you have done in the past

There, aren’t those lists more fun than the ‘clean oven and bath dog’ kind?!

Sarah :)

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