Tuesday 26 September 2017

Theme of the Week: Nursery Decor & Finishing Touches

Planning your new baby's nursery is a lovely time - shopping for all those essential items, choosing a cot and furniture, creating a fabulous environment for your little one to grow and enjoy. It doesn't seem 5 minutes ago that we were doing exactly that for our daughter - but it was actually (unbelievably) 14 years ago!

Sorry Amy, I know you read this blog sometimes but I can't resist adding one of my favourite photos of you!!

Tastes have certainly changed in the last 14 years though, and there are some stunning trends this season for nurseries - ranging from soft neutrals and Scandi-style simplicity, to tropical and nature inspired themes full of pops of bright colour and eye-catching detail. 

If you're looking for a lovely print to compliment the nursery I've got some gorgeous ideas for you - with colours and designs ranging from soft and dreamy to fun and whimsical. My prints and canvases are created to order, and I'm always happy to tweak colours etc for you to create something that suits your decor.

1: 'Dragon' personalised canvas print, from £18.50 - part of a range of personalised canvas prints
2: Alphabet personalised watercolour print, £23.95 - a stunning A3 sized poster print on quality traditional moulded paper
4: 'Hush Little Baby' personalised canvas print, from £18.50 - part of a range of canvas print designs
5: Personalised Birth Print, £18.95 - personalised prints available in a range of colours
6: 'Raining Love' personalised 'Smiler' print, £22.95 - A3 sized poster print available in a range of colours, other designs also available

Sarah x

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