Friday 10 January 2020

Happy New Year - and a FREE print!

It was my first day back to work yesterday, and lovely as it is to sit with your feet up eating chocolate all day, it is quite nice to be back in the saddle again. Too much time off and my brain starts to turn to mush! I think I'm much happier when I'm 'getting on' with things and being productive - know what I mean?

Now I'm wondering how many days it's going to take before my fingers stop automatically typing 2019 - my new hobby seems to be pressing 'delete-delete-2-0'!

PhotoFairytales Free 2020 Print

Christmas may be over, but that doesn't mean the presents have to stop - so I'm kicking off the new year with a little gift for you: a free print! "2020 Vision" is available completely free, and you can download and print it instantly. It's available in 4 different colours, and you can even choose portrait or landscape format. Featuring a wonderful genuine vintage image of a pair of spectacles from the 1880's, the print has a simple vintage style with a nod to steampunk.

PhotoFairytales Free 2020 Print

PhotoFairytales Free 2020 Print

PhotoFairytales Free 2020 Print

You can download the print using the following links. The print will print onto A4 paper and will fit nicely into an 8x10" size frame.  (Small print: the print is completely free for your own personal use. You may not reproduce or sell the print, or pass it off as your own work. Not allowed for commercial use. Copyright belongs to

Enjoy - and happy new year!
Sarah :)

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