Thursday 8 September 2022

New Colours for Autumn

Every season I like to change things up a bit on my website, and now that autumn is officially/meteorologically here (I know, I'm a week late) it's time to put the autumn 'decorations' up on the home page!

So, it's out with the summery lilacs and pinks, and in with some soft deep greens, pretty pale terracotta and dusky dark blue:

I always spend a stupid amount of time working out a colour scheme - I usually try to work on about 3 seasons at the same time, so that I know the colours won't clash and I can make a smooth transition from one season to the next. 

I take inspiration from Pantone's colour of the year (2022 has been 'Very Peri', a vibrant shade of periwinkle), along with Etsy's own annual shade for the year (this year it's been Emerald Green), and also colours that I see setting trends and becoming popular. Including green was a given for this autumn, and the soft, chalky pale pinky-terracotta is a shade I've seen in all sorts of places from interiors to fashion. It's definitely a colour that's starting to be a hot shade this season, and makes a great neutral (it's surprising how many colours it goes with!).

The next change is going to be in time for Christmas... I'm thinking juicy dark cranberry red and hints of gold!

Hope you like the new look,

Sarah x

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