Friday 21 October 2022

The Cabincore Trend

I'm sure you're familiar with the popular cottagecore aesthetic - and now that the weather has turned chilly and autumnal (very foggy in Norfolk this morning!), I thought it was the perfect time to tell you about another 'core' that's taking interiors by storm this season: Cabincore.

Cabincore is all about rustic, natural living, but where it parts itself from cottagecore is that it takes a step away from the pretty pastels and florals, and sets it's sights on a simpler, pared-back feel. Think wooden cabins in the woods, with roaring fires (and the lovely smell of wood smoke), fresh bread or a cake baking in the oven, warm blankets, wood panelling on the walls, natural wood floors with cosy sheepskin rugs, candles, organic cotton and linen. Picture sitting under a cosy throw beside a simple earthenware jug full of dried flowers, whilst sipping hot cocoa and making toast over the fire on a toasting fork after coming home from a hike in the forest…

I know, it may not sound like the actual place where you live - but there’s no reason why you can’t recreate this fantastically cosy look, or embrace the feeling in your life this season! You could even recreate it in your garden shed if you fancy...

A simple natural wood door hanger to show how much you love your home!
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Forget tartan and antlers though, this is a much simpler and organic look. Cabincore is all about simplicity: the interest comes from beautiful textures, natural wood (pale or dark, either works), simple colours, earthy tones. The colour palette is one that should bring warmth and depth to your room, so think moss green, russet and mustard shades, or a hint of cranberry, set against neutral shades of oaky brown, smoky grey, black and cream. There are hints of Scandi in the style, but more rustic and homespun.

A little Cabincore Inspiration found on

The cabincore keyword has got to be 'cosy' - it's all about nods to nature, pared down life, simplicity, and warmth. Perfect for this time of year! it works beautifully in the garden too - an outdoor fire bowl, logs stacked in a basket, lots of throws, twinkly fairy lights, and toasted marshmallows.

Embrace the cabincore look this Christmas with handmade natural wood decorations. Personalised Sign, choice of colours, designs and sizes - from £15.95

How to have a Cabincore Christmas: Decorate your home with natural foliage and plants, fir cones and wooden decorations. Keep your colour scheme within the soft cabincore colour palette, and choose handmade decor pieces that have real meaning. Dot your home with candles for that cosy glow, and use brown paper to wrap your gifts (or better yet, reusable fabric gift bags).

How to dress Cabincore: Think cosy wool sweaters, denim and corduroy, thick handknitted socks, fingerless gloves, working boots, knitted beanie hats and messy buns.

How to be Cabincore: Go for a hike in the forest on a misty day, and take a flask of hot tea or cocoa. Grab some blankets and head into the garden to sit beside an outdoor fire. Forage for mushrooms, autumn leaves or blackberries. Get cosy at home with some baking or book reading in your favourite chair (I can highly recommend The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey to get you in the mood!). Try your hand at knitting or crocheting, or head out on a clear night for some star gazing.

Cabincore to watch: While you're under your blanket you might as well stick something good on the telly... Here's some cabin-style related ideas: Sleepyhollow, The Shining, Twin Peaks, Secret Window, The Evil Dead, On Golden Pond, The Waltons, Harry Potter, The Hateful Eight, Misery, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, The Great Outdoors, Calamity Jane.

Get even more Cabincore Inspiration: I've created a gorgeous Cabincore Pinterest board for you, full of evocative images that will definitely get you in the cosy, cabin-lifestyle frame of mind - just click here to take a look.

Right, I'm off to snuggle under a blanket with a good book!

Sarah x

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