Wednesday 19 April 2023

Top 5 fun ways to Celebrate the Coronation Weekend

King Charles III's coronation in May is just a couple of weeks away now - and it's an event that will be celebrated across the United Kingdom and beyond. It marks the beginning of a new era for the country, as a new monarch ascends to the throne. And it's one that will see some of us huddled in front of the telly, some of us having a family get together - and some of us not so bothered, but enjoying the extra day off! 

No matter what your thoughts are about the coronation itself, this is a perfect  opportunity to come together with friends and family and have a good time - and that's something we can ALL get behind! 

I wanted to explore some ways you can celebrate King Charles III's coronation with your loved ones, and give you some inspiration for the 3 day bank holiday...

1: Host a Party - One of the best ways to celebrate King Charles III's coronation is to throw a party with friends and family. This can be as formal or informal as you like, depending on your preferences. You might choose to host a dinner party with a menu inspired by traditional British cuisine (or a red, white and blue food colour theme, if you're feeling brave/creative!), or a more casual gathering with drinks and snacks. What about a traditional British high tea with finger sandwiches, scones and cake? 

2: Put the decs up - Be sure to decorate your home with flags, bunting, and patriotic decorations (be they serious and tasteful, or a bit kitsch and fun) to create a festive atmosphere! Go on, grab yourself a commemorative mug or a souvenir tea towel - a little bit of coronation bling, all part of the fun!

3: Attend a public event - Celebrate the coronation by going to one of the many public events that will be taking place across the country. From street parties to parades, there will be plenty of opportunities to join in the festivities and show your support for the new king. Check your local council or community groups for information about events near you.

4: Make watching the TV a real event - If you're unable to attend a public event, you could still mark the occasion by watching the coronation ceremony together with friends and family. Set up a viewing party in your living room, complete with snacks and drinks, and watch the ceremony live on TV. If you want to go a step further, you could even encourage your guests to dress up in their finest clothes, as if they were attending the coronation in person (tiaras optional, of course).

5: Think traditional 'Britishness' - Another fun way to celebrate King Charles III's coronation is to participate in traditional British activities. This could include playing croquet, enjoying a game of cricket, or indulging in a typical afternoon tea or picnic. Or why not go to the local pub for some traditional fayre (think Ploughman's Lunch or Steak & Kidney Pie!) and a pint of your favourite - hopefully the weather will be fine and you can enjoy the pub garden (and the bunting will all be done for you)!

Whether you're hosting a party, attending a public event, or simply watching the ceremony on TV - no matter how you choose to celebrate King Charles III's coronation or the long weekend, the most important thing is to come together with friends and family to mark this historic occasion and have some much deserved fun and laughter. 

Sarah :)

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