Friday 31 March 2023

Pretty in Pink - embrace the latest new decor trend this spring

Spring is in the air at last (although I'm writing this in the middle of a thundering downpour, because the weather hasn't received the memo yet) - and what better way to celebrate the new season than by adding a touch of pink to your home? It's a colour I'm seeing everywhere at the moment, in both homeware and fashion. Such a pretty, confident and positive colour, it speaks of fresh blooms and happiness, looking forward to the warmer days to come - no wonder it's becoming such a trend! 

Pink is the perfect way to add a pop of color and cheer to any room. Here are a few ideas for incorporating a splash of pink into your springtime decor:

Create a gallery wall: Choose a mix of pink artwork, from abstract prints to floral watercolors, and arrange them in a cohesive display on a blank wall. This is a great way to showcase your favorite pieces while adding interest to your space.

Add a statement piece: If you want to incorporate just one print, a personalised design will make a truly unique and personal artwork for your wall or shelf.

Mix and match: Don't be afraid to mix pink art with other colors and patterns in your decor. Don't just think of wall art and prints, consider introducing different materials and textures too. A gallery wall made up of traditional prints, wooden wall art, hangings and decorative pieces gives a delightful ecclectic feel. Pair a pink floral print with a striped throw pillow, or hang a pink abstract painting above a bold patterned sofa. The key for mixing pinks is to stick to the same shade family - whether it's salmons, cerises, blue-pinks, etc, they should all have the same level of warmth or coolness in order for them to work together.

Use pink as an accent: If you prefer a more neutral color palette, you can still incorporate the pink trend into your decor as an accent color. Choose a few pink accessories, such as a vase, mug or cushion, and scatter them throughout your space for a subtle touch of springtime cheer.

Don't forget the garden: Introduce a splash of pretty pink in the garden too, with some gorgeous handmade decorative pieces to bring some real individuality and charm to your outdoor space...

No matter how you choose to incorporate pink art into your home decor this spring, remember to have fun with it! Spring is a time for renewal and fresh beginnings, and your home decor should reflect that. So go ahead: embrace the pink, and enjoy the beauty of the new season.

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Sarah :)

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