Wednesday 14 October 2015

20 years today...

In the very year that Ebay started, Mel Gibson dressed in a kilt and spoke (a form of) Scottish in 'Braveheart', and Nick Leeson brought down Barings Bank - me and my hubby got married!

20 years ago today to be exact - which is an astonishing thought. Where have those last 2 decades gone?!!

It was also the year of 'that' interview with Princess Diana, the whole Blur vs Oasis hoohar, Robbie left Take That, and when Eric Cantona decided to show a fan the sole of his boot by kicking him kung-fu style in the middle of a game.

In the last 20 years we've moved home 3 times, lost our beloved Nobby dog, moved in (and out) of the pub business, bought and sold a lovely old (ie, unreliable and nerve-wracking!) VW camper, gained Bella cat and Freddy dog, set up our own businesses - oh, and had a baby who is now about to turn 13!

Champagne for tea tonight I think!!

Sarah x

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