Tuesday 13 October 2015

Moving home... a year on

Unbelievably, the first anniversary of our move to our new home passed a couple of weeks ago! It's amazing to think that we've been here a whole year - boy, time flies...

In the time since we've moved in we've pretty much decorated from top to bottom, inside and out. It's a bit dispiriting when you spend ages making your old house look lovely before you put it on the market - and then find yourself having to get on the DIY train all over again when you move into your new home... But (I can say this now that the main part of the DIY journey is coming to an end!!), it HAS been worth it.

We've tamed the overgrown garden (so overgrown it had actually taken over the garage roof too), grassed, fenced, gazebo-repaired, planted and cleaned. And it's now actually a place where (next summer) we'll enjoy sitting out and having the odd BBQ and glass of wine.

We've put down new flooring, painted just about every room (just got the office left to do!), moved furniture around a million times and it's been worth all the aching backs and crunchy knee joints. Mostly!

I am so looking forward to the next year in our home - a year when we can actually spend some time enjoying the house properly, rather than planning the next project. A year when we won't be using paint charts as coasters in every room, and where we can wander into our local Homebase without the staff raising an eyebrow and saying, "back again, ha ha?!".

Home - as they say - Sweet Home!!
Sarah x

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