Tuesday 10 November 2020

Be inspired by... November

This month is the one where the festive season can really start to kick in - and often make us all feel a bit stressed and over-whelmed. Before the chaos of Christmas begins, why not take some time to regroup and think about the joy this month brings? It's not just a gateway into Christmas: it's a beautiful month in it's own right. If you're feeling a bit jaded though, and finding it hard to find the joy of chilly November - especially during Lockdown 2:0 - take a look at my brand new Pinterest board this month. It's full of stunning images that really capture the beauty of the month and I know it will leave you feeling inspired - and maybe even ready to pull on your coat and wellies and head out for a lovely autumnal and atmospheric ramble through the countryside - or a stroll through the chilly, misty streets around your home?!

Now is a great time to grab a bit of 'me time' too - long soaks in the bath with a magazine, a glass of chilled wine, and a couple of candles (and a lock on the door!). Why not book an evening to yourself to enjoy the things you've been longing to do for ages? Cosy up and watch that film (don't forget the popcorn and Revels), or pick up that book you've been wanting to read for ages. Plan a lovely, relaxing Sunday brunch with the family - one where everyone just digs in and helps themselves, where the toaster is within arms length and you take time to read the paper or chat. Pause, and collect your thoughts before December arrives and we start to feel the pressure of Christmas.

Start thinking about the family traditions and rituals that make this season so much fun - you may have missed going out to a fireworks display this year, but you can still enjoy gathering your little family together with fun family games, and gorgeous 'picky' food that everyone can help themselves too.

Make November the time when you pause for a moment - take in the wonders of nature, the crispness of the air, the russet shades and bare tree branches, the mist gathering in the fields, the cosiness of coming in through your front door at the end of the day and sinking under a cosy throw and putting your feet up. This is a month all about YOU.

Sarah x

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