Monday 9 November 2020

The 2020 Santa Letters & Telegrams are here!

These are not just ANY Santa Letter, they're the REAL Santa Letter (and they also help to support a UK charity every year too)! I know, spend 5 minutes on the internet and there's any number of personalised Santa Letters out there - but can I just tell you, the PhotoFairytales ones are very, very different... 

It's been 12 years now, since Father Christmas first contacted me to ask if I'd be his official outlet. He has great fun writing to children every year, but he also takes it extremely seriously, and spends a lot of time on his very special Letters and Telegrams. He hand signs each and every one, and makes sure he writes the envelope too. Click here to get an idea of the feedback and customer reviews people have sent in - they're just the tip of the iceberg, but they'll give you an idea of how very special his Letters & Telegrams are! 

Plus, each one that is sold also raises money for charity - and this year is no different: I will be donating 50p for every single Letter or Telegram sold to Adoption UK, a wonderful charity supporting adoptive families around the country.

This year has been a little bit strange - in fact, Santa's Workshop has had to work hard to become covid-safe too. (Have you ever tried to get a bunch of elves to socially distance? It's not an easy task!) And because it's been so different this year, Santa wanted to do something new: so he is now going to be sending Christmas Day letters too - which means there are now 3 ways that Santa Claus can write to your little boy or girl (or even your big boy or girl, he often writes to adults too you know)!

His ever-popular personalised Santa Letter Gift Packs are of course back this year - they're already selling fast, and there's only a very limited number available. They're amazing value: a special letter from Santa, a personalised certificate, a chocolate gold coin, a colour-in Christmas card, PLUS 2 extra mystery gifts too. All signed, sealed and posted for just £8.25!

His fun personalised Santa Telegrams are also back this year - and like previous years, there are 3 different options to choose from. So whether you're on the Nice or Naughty List it doesn't matter, Santa will still write to you. And if it's a baby's first Christmas he can send a special Telegram to celebrate (a brilliant little memento for the memory box too)! The Telegrams are just £6.99 including P&P. They're really lovely quality and will be a sure hit with all ages in the lead up to Christmas.

And this year Santa's new personalised Christmas Day Letters are available too. They're a fabulous extra surprise, whether Santa has already written to you or not - so order one as a special 'add on', or just a little surprise all of it's own! Santa will leave the letter on Christmas Eve, ready for your little boy or girl to discover on Christmas morning. They'll be absolutely delighted when they find it, and it will be such a magical start to Christmas Day. These special Letters are just £6.99 including P&P too, so they're brilliant value.

You can find full details of all the Santa Letters & Telegrams on the website by clicking here. Orders close on December 17th (UK deliveries). Don't delay!

Ho, ho, ho,

Sarah & Santa xx

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